PROJECT G/R It is coming soon HBX The first shipment of its Spring/Summer 2024 “DYSTOPIA ROCKSTAR” collection.

Since Since its inception, the new label has created experimental clothing that challenges traditional conventions. EyeThe PROJECTG/ collection is a mix of eye-catching graphic prints and tongue-in cheek letterings. It also has a rebellious, playful vision that plays on popular culture.R’s design language — and the “DYSTOPIA ROCKSTAR” The collection is one of the best examples.

Familiar The collection is dominated by logos, motifs and other iconographies. However, they are all reimagined in a humorous way to signal its irony. “dystopian” The vision of popular culture is reflected in everyday items such as jeans, sweatshirts and bags.

The “WHY ALWAYS ME?” The long-sleeve shirt that features a short sleeve tee layered over the collar is a notable style. Mario Balotelli’s The 2011-12 season was marked by an iconic shirt-lifting. Premier League season. The The phrase refers to the slogan imprinted on the former Man City striker’s undershirt.

PROJECT G/R’s SS24 “DYSTOPIA ROCKSTAR” The collection will be available for purchase through HBX The following are some of the most effective ways to improve your own effectiveness. July 6, 9 a.m. ET.

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