Quinton “Rampage” Jackson It is possible to return to the ring.

Jackson Since a knockout defeat to Fedor Emelianenko You can find out more about this at Bellator The 237th back in 2019unless you count his foray into Fight CircusOn a recent episode The Joe Rogan Experience MMA ShowFormer UFC light heavyweight champ revealed that he was in talks to box with a former opponent Rashad Evans.

“I saw [Evans] not too long ago,” Jackson said. “Him and I are talking about doing a boxing match against each other in November. We’re trying to get that going.”

This This is a shift in direction. JacksonWho previously targeted a boxing match Former WBO Heavyweight Champion Shannon Briggs. HoweverAfter that matchup repeatedly failed, Jackson He said he was moving on.

“Bro, this motherf*cker called me out as soon as I got knocked out by Fedor,” Jackson said. “He called me out and he said he was going to promote the fight. MMA guys, we’re not promoters… Then we were supposed to fight and we finally had a show. We were going to do it in Qatar, but the guys that were putting it on, they turned out to be f*cking scam artists…”

“He’s still trying but I lost my faith in Shannon,” Jackson continued. “I don’t know if he’s going to get it done. He talks a good game. I hope he gets it done. If he ever gets it done, I’ll be game to fight him, but right now I guess my first boxing match is going to be against Rashad. I need to get that win back.”

Jackson The following are some examples of how to get started: Evans They have a lot of history as they served opposite each other as coaches in season 10 The Ultimate Fighter. and later fought as the main event in UFC 114 in 2010. Evans The fight was won by unanimous decision in a fight that still eats at Jackson. Now He’s hoping to do something about it

“They were talking about in Atlanta,” Jackson said. “I’m not sure, but they said it was going to be under the ONE FC banner. I’m waiting for my manager to talk to them.”

Like Jackson, Evans Has been out of action for a while. Evans In 2022, he came out of retirement to finish his MMA career with a victory. He defeated Gabriel Checco You can also check out our other articles. Eagle FC 44 will be back in 2022.

One Championship The third U.S. event will be held on Nov. 8 State Farm Arena You can also find out more about the following: Atlanta, Ga. The Card is currently headlined By an MMA Heavyweight Title Fight between Anatoly Malykhin The following are some examples of how to get started: Reug Reug.

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