Popular K-drama Red Swan aired an all-new episode 4 on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, at 4 p.m. KST on Disney Plus. The Series documents the journey of a successful Golfer Oh Wan-Soo (Kim Ha-Neul), who marries the conglomerate Hwain Group He is also the director of a charity foundation. She She has a bodyguard Seo Do-Yoon (Rain(and the two reveal the dark and secret secrets of the conglomerate jointly.

Episode 4 You can also find out more about the following: Red Swan You can see the full list of our products here. Oh Wan-Soo The following are some examples of how to get started: Seo Do-Yoon They can work together or separately to accomplish their missions. While Oh Wan-Soo The woman successfully navigated the challenges that she faced from the Hwain Group, Do-Yoon The conglomerate’s late CEO was the subject of a search for clues Chairman, Kim DuoYou and your friend Ju-Hyuk’s The murders of the respective victims. Meanwhile, Chairwoman Park Mi-Ran She played her own cards, torturing Wan-Soo In the end,

Red Swan K-Drama Episode 4 spoilers

Red Swan K-drama Episode The 4th began with Seo Do-Yoon Secretly obtaining security footage Hwain Group. He Managed to escape Chairwoman Park Mi-Ran’s Security, who informed him? Hwain Group . Kim Yong-Guk You must meet him. Yong-Guk You can ask for more information by clicking here. Do-Yoon Not to interfere in his affairs with his wife Oh Wan-Soo. Meanwhile, Do-Yoon The conglomerate was brought down by the resolve of those who left.

Back He viewed the CCTV footage in his room to see what he could find Yong-Guk Give him his security Park Kyeong-Ju Money was given by the former to the Manila gang. Meanwhile, Do-Yoon The money was so much more than it would take to hire a killer.

Oh Wan-Soo Plots against Hwain Group

Oh Wan-Soo She sat with her late son Chan-Hee’s Ordering the housemaids to lock up the room. Meanwhile, Hwain Group Chairman Park Mi-Ran She and her assistant discussed having Wan-Soo Resignation as of NOW Foundation Replace her with her brother. HoweverThe latter also revealed this to Wan-SooWho devised the game plan? Wan-Soo She asked her brother to inform the tabloids of her husband Yong-Guk Illegitimacy of a child.

As Rumors regarding Yong-Guk The following are some examples of how to get started: Jang Tae-Ra’s The spread of the child’s affair Tae-Ra Requested Wan-Soo Organise an interview on the topic. Later, Wan-Soo You can ask for more information by clicking here. Mi-Ran Reconsider her resignation and let the foundation be in her hands. But Mi-Ran You can ask for more information by clicking here. Wan-Soo Keep her hands away from the foundation and to herself. Later, Wan-Soo It was decided to hold a press event.

While She was waited by the press, Mi-Ran Keep your secrets Wan-Soo Organising their meeting with the minister kept them busy. HoweverShe was accompanied by her bodyguard. Do-Yoon, Wan-Soo The meeting was over and I went to a press conference. When She was asked to clarify a rumor by the reporters. Wan-Soo It was revealed that the child in question wasn’t hers, but rather the late Chairman Kim Duo. MeanwhileAn angry person Mi-Ran I was at a complete loss for words.

When Wan-Soo Mi-RanShe asked the Chairwoman Keep away from the base. Mi-Ran She was warned of the dangers that lay ahead.

Seo Do-Yoon The following are some examples of how to get started: Oh Wan-Soo Share your secrets

After Oh Wan-Soo’s Press Conference with Security Head Park Kyeong-Ju Faces Do-Yoon For not informing him about the event and not taking enough security measures to protect Wan-Soo. Meanwhile, Tae-Ra Enter the Hwain Group Residence with her son Jun-Hee. Mi-Ran The two welcome each other into the home Wan-Soo She is a woman who calls herself a “mistress.” She You can ask for more information by clicking here. Tae-Ra To stay in her room with her son and to avoid arousing suspicion, she should remain hidden inside her house.

At night, Wan-Soo Heading out on a run with Do-Yoon. The What was the question? Wan-Soo She was so determined to protect that she risked her life. Wan-Soo He told her about his interaction with the late Chairman Kim Duo When she scanned her hands on bank documents. The Chairman She was given a task to complete that would reveal all the details. FurthermoreThe Chairman requested she divorce Yong-Guk After the assignment is over

Do-YoonFor his part, he revealed that the late Chairman The murderer was inside Hwain Group. He Further suspicion that the same person may now be targeting Wan-Soo. He She told him about his chance meetings with the gang. ManilaShe was also informed that the police suspected his late friend. Ju-Hyuk’s Investigations into murders

During A family dinner with the parents of her sister-in law Wan-Soo embarrassed Chairman Park Mi-Ran By not confirming the Chinese Ambassadors’ Deal to Invest in Duty-Free Shops Wan-Soo If the FDA approves the deal, the agreement is finalized. Mi-Ran She would be left to run the NOW Foundation. The Next day Wan-Soo The following are some examples of how to get started: Mi-Ran The NOW opening ceremony was held on the day of the meeting. Welfare Center. HoweverThe two men wore the exact same clothes, by chance. Mi-Ran shocked. The Later only viewed it as an offense when it turned out to be a coincident.

Red Swan Episode 4: What What will happen in the end?

Park Mi-Ran The shocks Wan-Soo Update on her mother

After The opening ceremony Wan-Soo Mi-Ran Clarify the incident. However. Chairwoman We have another major update. Mi-Ran How to say it Wan-Soo Hadn’t seen her mom in more than a decade. She Then revealed that Wan-Soo’s In a psychiatric facility, mother was fighting to save her life. Wan-Soo She became emotional when she saw her mother’s photos at the hospital.

At The episode ends. Wan-SooShe is accompanied by her brother and Do-Yoon They went to a psychiatric facility in a small city. Wan-Soo The inside of the house Do-Yoon She asked to see her mother by herself. As Do-Yoon He heard him waiting outside. Wan-Soo Scream for her mother. The Episode ended on a high note after Do-Yoon The room was entered.

Don’t Don’t forget to tune into Red Swan K-drama Episodes The 5th and 6th next Wednesday, July 17, 2024, at 4 p.m. KST on Disney Plus.

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