With division and inequality destroying the fabric of society, Rod212 releases the single, “Social Privilege” to build unity and find solutions.

Rod212, an artist, has taken a stand to protect the future of mankind. The world is on fire, set ablaze by racism, oppression and inequality. His music has always been versatile, allowing him to address any subject of inspiration. Rod212’s new single aims to shed light on today’s world and bridge the gap towards a better future.

Titled, “Social Privilege,” the new track recaps the history of slavery and racism that was once a stigma rooted in the foundation upon which the country was built. Rod212 wants to educate people about the past, before moving onto the reality of today’s prejudice and exploitation through social media. The single is a true account of our current state as a nation, combining his lyrical talents with realism in order to create a dialogue about where we are and how we can get there.

“Social Privilege” is unbiased and unfiltered in its message, aiming at corporations that take advantage of persons in their most vulnerable emotional state during tragedy to promote and sell ad-targeted products. Rod212 is at the forefront, denouncing police violence against minorities, the resistance to women achieving their full potential, and the division of people based on skin color.

Rod212 tackles a subject that many artists avoid. With the new single, he’s channeling a positive purpose through his music, one that ultimately ends with a genuine call for all races to unite and explore solutions for using social media to help build all communities.

“Social Privilege” is a timely song. Support Rod212’s movement by streaming and pushing his single to the world.

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