Ronda Rousey She doesn’t think she’d be welcomed warmly if ever she made an appearance at an UFC event. However, that reception will not determine whether she goes to another UFC fight.

In There are two very specific situations that could lure someone to a certain country. Rousey It’s not to test the waters and see how fans will react to her.

“It’s just one of those things, I don’t want to go to a stadium full of people for fun,” Rousey Tell them to get on with it CBS Sports. “I’d I would rather be on my farm, the beach, or somewhere else. I’m not sure. I’d Just have a purpose for going. If If my children or someone I end up coaching fights, or if I see them fighting or if I see something like this happening to me or to my kids or anyone I have ended up coaching, I will go. It’s It’s not my scene anymore

“When I was younger, I wanted to put on a hot dress and go to the fights and hang out with everybody and now I’m kind of just like an old lady that wants to sit home and sip tea. Plus, I wouldn’t want to go just to be like ‘I wonder how people are going to react to me.’ I would want to have a reason to go or something.”

These days, Rousey’s Her main concern is her children, which she shares with her husband, a former UFC fighter Travis Browne.

She She still practices martial art from time to time, and she is actually teaching Browne’s Former coach Ricky Lundell She’s only got one student, and he is her only one. Eventually, Rousey She will teach martial arts to her children if only to help them learn self-defense. However, she won’t stop them from following in their parents footsteps and becoming fighters.

“If they wanted to [fight], I would do everything that I could to make sure they’re as great as possible, but I would never push them towards it,” Rousey said. “You You can’t force someone to fight. It’s There’s something you can’t do about.

“I’ll make sure they know how to fight because it’s a survival skill, and I think it builds a lot of discipline. It’s very character developing and all of that. Whether or not they want to compete, it’s up to them.”

If One day, one of her kids decides to be a fighter. Rousey If she expands her martial arts program to include more students, she will be there for them.

That Attending a UFC show is one thing, but don’t count on seeing anyone else. Rousey In the crowd anytime soon

“I would want to have a reason to go or something. We’ll see. I’ll play it by ear,” Rousey said. “If If my children wanted to fight they would have been absolutely incredible.

“That’s kind of how my mom got dragged back into judo and stuff like that. She quit judo and never went to a tournament again. Then I got into it, and she was very much involved in it again. If my kids, or the kids from my dojo end up getting into it, then I would have a reason.”

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