Samsung Electronics” Headquarters in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

Samsung Electronics In the second quarter, they reported a profit of more than 10 trillion won (approximately 7.25 billion dollars) – a surprising increase. “earning surprise.”

The The overall performance surge is attributed to a significant improvement of the semiconductor sector. This can be attributed to a recovery in memory chip demands and to rising prices due the expansion of the artificial intelligence (AI).

Samsung Electronics Announced on July 5 has announced that it expects its consolidated operating profits for the second quarter to be 10,4 trillion won. That’s a 1,452.24 per cent increase over the same period in the previous year.

Its Revenues reached 74 trillion yen, a 23.31 % increase from the same time last year. The Figure significantly exceeds market expectations

Previously, Yonhap Infomax The consensus report was compiled from 15 firms of securities that published reports in the last month. The consensus predicted Samsung ElectronicsThe estimated 8.27 trillion won second-quarter profit would be more than 12 times that of last year, when it was 668.5 billion. The Revenue was forecast to be 73.89 billion won, a 23.14 per cent increase over the same period in last year.

This This is the first quarter in seven that Samsung ElectronicsThe quarterly operating profit of the company has exceeded 10 trillion dollars since 2022’s third quarter, when it was 10.85 trillion dollars. It The operating profit for last year, which was 6.57 trillion won, has been far exceeded.

The A significant improvement in the performance of memory semiconductors, spurred on by the rise in the average selling price(ASP) of DRAM chips and NAND, has helped to exceed market expectations.

As These are preliminary figures. Samsung Electronics The performance of each business segment was not disclosed.

In The first quarter of the year is the Device Solutions (DS), division, achieved an operating loss of 1.91 trillion won. It was the first time since the 4th quarter of 2022 that the division had been profitable in 5 quarters.

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