Samsung Electronics Unionists organize a cultural event to call on management to negotiate with the union in front the employees. Samsung Electronics Headquarters in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. May 24.

“We declare a second general strike for an indefinite period after confirming the management’s unwillingness to talk with us after the first general strike,” The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. National Samsung Electronics Union In a statement on its website, the (NSEU) stated that July 10.

EarlierThe NSEU began its first general strike lasting three days on July The aim of the attack is to disrupt production in 8-10. Samsung Electronics plants.

The The number of workers who declared their intention to take part in the first general strikes was 6,540, of which 5,211 worked in manufacturing and development processes, 4,477 in facilities, and 5,211 in facilities. Giheung, Hwaseong You can also find out more about the following: Pyeongtaek According to the NSEU, there are plants that have major semiconductor production lines.

At The NSEU stated that if management did not present an acceptable proposal before the end of the first day general strike. July The strike will last indefinitely but, as the negotiations have failed, the decision was made to launch a second general strikes.

“The longer the strike goes on, the bigger trouble the management will face and they will eventually come to the negotiating table with the tail between the legs,” NSEU’s statement. “We are confident of winning a victory in this struggle.”

“We will not stop until we receive a proposal to offset our losses caused by the strike from the management,” The NSEU announced guidelines, such as not working until union leadership gives instructions, no reporting of work during the strike, and reporting work after the settlement.

They Also, they demanded the management increase the basic salary of all unionists to 3.5 percent; guarantee a day off in honor of founding the union; improve the OPI-TAI System and compensate the members for the economic losses that were caused by the strike.

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