Sean Strickland You can’t get anywhere.

This past weekend during a Power Slap Event in Las VegasFormer UFC middleweight champ got into a verbal altercation with musician Machine Gun Kelly, Who was the guest of UFC CEO? Dana White. In Video recordings of the interaction Strickland The musician is called by the audience “weird” A “weirdo,” And insulting his attire. As He walks away. Strickland I can hear shouting back “I don’t know who the f*** that guy is. I’m easy to find, vampire man.” Strickland The musician was subsequently branded a racist on social media. “vampire” and marveling that the 33-yearold Ohio Native was engaged to actress Megan Fox.

White The subsequently cleared Machine Gun Kelly You should not have said anything about the potential for wrongdoing in this encounter. “You can’t bring Sean Strickland around any other human beings.” It It turns out the assessment was quite accurate. In a video posted Monday On, his YouTube channel, Strickland The musician had been introduced by a mutual friend. He was immediately insulted. Machine Gun Kelly I was wearing a dress that night.

“I go and I meet the vampire, [Luke Trembath] introduces me to the vampire and I make fun of him,” Strickland said. “I’m like, ‘Dude, what are you f****** wearing. Like, what the f*** is going on here? How are you doing this?’ He looked at me and he didn’t laugh and he didn’t giggle, but he looked at me like, ‘Why is this guy with no respect talking to me like this?’ He looked at me like I was less than human.”

The Situation nearly escalated but Strickland When tensions began to rise, his girlfriend claimed that she pulled him away. The Verbal altercation does not turn physical.

“I was like, ‘You know what? I’m going to f****** humble you right now,'” Strickland said. “Then my girl got in the way and was like, ‘Chill the f*** out,’ and then I was escorted out.

“These people, they’re not like me and you. They’re not the guys you see at the shopping store. They’re not the guy getting gas. They’ve got this weird god complex, and I had no idea who the vampire was. I didn’t know until today and then I found out, I researched, I was told about Megan Fox [being engaged to Machine Gun Kelly]. What the f***, you guys? What is going on here?”

Ultimately, Strickland I was only referring to the way Machine Gun Kelly was dressed and he equated the musician to social influencers — a group he admittedly despises.

“You wake up everyday and you dress like a vampire,” Strickland said. “I don’t know if it’s true or not. Maybe it’s your wardrobe. But you dress like vampires.” You Look like a goth kid South Park And you leave the world in this way. This You are trapped in a bubble.

“You guys don’t understand, these people at these slap fights, they’re not people. They’re influencers. I interact with hundreds of people. I go snowboarding. No fan ever has anything bad to say about me because I love you guys, but these people are not you guys. I can’t explain it until you interact with these people and you’re around them. It’s like they have a weird god complex, and when I’m around them, I just want to hurt them all to remind them you are just a human being, shut the f*** up.”

It It wasn’t until much later that Strickland Says he discovered who he had been interacting with in the Power Slap This only aggravated his anger.

WellMore precisely, Strickland Learn more about Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship.

“My world is being shattered,” Strickland said. “I watched” Transformers just like all you f******. I watched it like you.

“Can you picture the shock and awe when I find out that he is with Megan Fox of Transformers with a broken down vehicle? I still can’t wrap my head around it.”

It It was a great way to end the week. Strickland He had previously been excited about the opportunity to meet former President Donald TrumpThe social influencer and, engaged in an intense viral sparring match.

“It’s been a hell of a 24 hours,” Strickland said. “Met [Donald] Trump, got to fight an influencer, met a vampire. Didn’t know they were real but apparently they are. I should have brought some garlic and a stake to that slap fight. I didn’t know I was in danger.”

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