A panel discussion will be held at the 2023 SK Innovation Global Forum.

SK Innovation The meeting will be held to discuss future growth drivers with experts in the energy sector.

SK Innovation Announced on July It will be the host of the “SK Innovation Global Forum” On, July 13 (local) San Jose, CaliforniaThe U.S. The About ten executives from SK will participate in the forum Innovation affiliates, including Lee Seok-hee, CEO SK On. Lee Seong-jun, Head SK Innovation Institute The following are some examples of how to use Environmental Science & TechnologyAround 50 representatives of academia and industry who are involved in global energy issues attended the event.

Since 2021, SK Innovation The host of the Global Forum Expanding its global network to support the execution of SK Innovation’s strategies. Through This initiative, SK Innovation By collaborating and engaging with overseas talent, the company aims to increase its global competitiveness.

SpecificallyThis year’s Global Forum Five sessions will be held on the following topics. Secondary Batteries, Battery Thermal Runaway Prevention Technology, Geo Biz & Tech, Carbon Materials. Open Innovation. Discussions This year’s conference will focus on the future of energy and battery technology. Each There will be a range of different formats for the session, including expert presentations and group discussions.

AdditionallySK Innovation We will use this event as a direct way to scout talent from around the world who will eventually lead energy businesses. In Last year’s Global ForumSK Innovation It has also maintained relationships with a number of distinguished academics and employees at prestigious universities.

“The SK Innovation Global Forum has established itself as a leading networking platform for sharing trends and technologies in the global energy industry,” SK Innovation official. “We will accumulate the know-how and achievements of the forum to enhance the execution capabilities of SK Innovation affiliates’ core businesses, such as batteries and overseas resource development.”

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