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In 2022, AbsolicsA U.S.-based subsidiary of SKC made an investment of about 300 billion won ($222 million) in Covington, GeorgiaTo establish its first factory dedicated to the manufacture of glass substrates. RecentlyThe company has announced the completion and start of mass production for prototypes. This marks a turning point in the rapidly growing market of glass substrates.

The The glass substrate market is a fiercely competitive place, with major players like SKC. Samsung Electro-MechanicsLG Innotek. Glass Substrates are valued for the ability to process huge amounts of information quickly, and also their superior energy efficiency when compared with traditional plastic substrates. Despite According to the report, despite the fact that the technology is still in its early stages, it is expected to grow to an astounding $4.2 billion globally by 2034. The Insight Partners.

The Market expansion was initially sparked by IntelThe company announced its plans last year to invest 1.3 trillion won and apply glass substrates by 2028. Competitor AMD also plans to accelerate its efforts. To stay on top of the race, it will collaborate with global component companies and introduce glass substrates by 2025 or 2026.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics The prototype mass production is expected to be completed next year. Mass production will begin in 2026. MeanwhileLG Innotek This year, the company will be establishing a business unit to prepare its entry into glass substrates.

The Existing plastic substrates dominate the market. Japan’s Ibiden, Shinko Electric Industries. Taiwan’s Unimicron. HoweverThe move to glass substrates has been a significant advancement in technology, driven by a need for semiconductors with higher performance, especially in the field of artificial intelligence.

As SKC is at risk as the market continues to evolve. Samsung Electro-MechanicsLG Innotek. Their In this highly competitive environment, investments in R&D, strategic partnerships and collaborations will be critical to their success.

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