Hope everyone had a meaningful weekend…



Good things about living in Brooklyn (Bushwick):

1) tons of random things to do – party at raves with hipsters, watch local bums fighting in the park, rent studio time to screenprint a shirt, etc.

2) lots of good food options

3) Away from the NPC Manhattan crowd and Williamsburg tech/finance/marketing+sales crowd

Some not so great things…

1) Rats

2) Roaches

3) Limited nature beyond that (Industrial warehouses everywhere)

My rent is $3.3k/month and I still have the occassional cockroach scare every other week. I wake up sometimes eyes wide open when I hear scratching on the floors. 

The main solutions I’ve found are to:

1) buy Roach spray

2) sprinkle Boric Acid around the walls

3) keep kitchen gloves and a shoe to slay roaches manually

So far my Kill to Death ratio is 3:1 so I’d say I’m doing well so far… if things don’t improve I might have myself a tactical nuke situation.

UK Garage mix:

What is UK Garage? It’s basically EDM with a lot of cool womps and rap from the UK.

I’ll put you on to a bomb artist and his mix: Barry can’t swim

I watched his set at Elsewhere and it was unreal.

Put this on next time you’re at the gym or just chilling:

Meme Shirt:

Ok. Reading the news every morning, I found an article about the senator of Jersey Bob Menendez.

The interesting thing about him was that law enforcement discovered bricks of gold and heaps of cash in his home.

Apparently Senator Bob was thugging and fixing meat prices for the great state of Jersey in exchange for $.

So in honor of his thug life antics, I created a shirt to commemorate his honorable deed:

The punchline of the joke is that Bob is absolutely unaffected by these findings and continues to serve as the senator of Jersey, maybe even considering running for re-election. You have my vote Bob, thanks for being Tremendez.