The NFL’s Monday Night Football theme mixes genres, eras and fanbases in order to create a brand new anthem. Chris Stapleton also performed with the band. Snoop Dogg graced fans with a cover of the iconic Phil Collins track “In The Air Tonight” on Monday (September 18). Cindy Blackman Santana played drums in the rendition, which was a grand and unexpected collaboration. ESPN The following are some examples of how to get started: ABC The aired the show before covering the New Orleans Saints The Cleveland Browns are facing the Pittsburgh Steelers while the Carolina Panthers are playing the Cleveland Browns.

This will be the case for all Monday Night Football matches, plus ESPN‘s Week 18 Saturday Doubleheader, Super Wild Card, and its first Divisional playoff game. “It was fascinating to me to see how one song could get you in that mode to go kick some tail,” the Steelers’ Hines Ward told ESPN. “I don’t care if you are the home team [or] You will hear that song no matter what. You will always hear that song. [before the game],” the Washington Commandeers’ Terry McLaurin remarked, as well. But now for the real question: how’s the song?

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“In The Air Tonight” Gets A Monday Night Football Makeover

Well, it’s just as epic and over-the-top as you would expect for Monday Night Football, and that’s by no means a diss. Chris Stapleton’s passionate and soaring vocals bring out the drama in the original Phil Collins song. In addition, the country star pulls off a killer guitar solo towards the end, backed up by Santana’s expressive and powerful drumming. What about Tha Doggfather? The answer is a classically smooth and cheeky verse in the middle section, something that “In The Air Tonight” had never featured.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the only big musical move from the NFL for Monday Night Football. They also called legendary duo Justin Timberlake The following are some examples of how to get started: Timbaland Music for specific games is available during the season. This is a great way to celebrate a season filled with entertainment and games. Keep checking back for more updates and news about Snoop Dogg, the NFL season 2023-2024 and other NFL topics. HNHH.

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