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SoftBank Japan The public announcement of the date is May The intention to purchase Naver’s Shares in Line-YahooJoint venture between the companies. With Japan’s The efforts of “erase Naver” Increasingly, voices are demanding that the Government take a stronger response. Korean Government is growing.

At This day is the date of the earnings conference. Junichi MiyakawaSoftBank CEO stated that. “We are discussing a capital review from the perspectives of security governance and business strategy at the request of Line-Yahoo,” adding, “We have not yet reached an agreement.” Following Line-Yahoo’s SoftBank, in its announcement of the previous day also acknowledged the negotiations with Naver The sale of Line-Yahoo shares.

Miyakawa mentioned, “We aim to reach an agreement by July 1,” But note that “the complexity of the negotiations could cause delays.” July The deadline for submitting your application is 1 April Japan’s Ministry The following are some examples of how to use Internal Affairs You can also find out more about the following: Communications The following are some examples of how to use Line-Yahoo Submitting measures as a response to administrative instructions In November Last year, following a data breach involving Line User information Ministry The capital relationship between the two companies was reviewed twice in administrative guidance. Naver.

The Most Shareholders of Line-Yahoo It is a Holdings, a holding company intermediate that holds a 64% share. Naver SoftBank and SoftBank hold each half of A Holdings’ shares. Miyakawa stated, “We haven’t yet discussed how much to buy,” This is what you should know “we are considering everything from a single share to the entire stake.” He Add that Naver It is important to note that the active participation in discussions does not mean that “there is a difference in the sale amount.”

Naver maintained, “This is a matter that needs to be decided based on a mid-to-long-term business strategy.” Line It is the most widely used messaging app in JapanAround 96 million users are in the country, and there are over 200 millions users around the world, including markets like Thailand, Taiwan. Indonesia. It Also, the platform offers mobile pay and Webtoons. Losing Its stake in Line-Yahoo This could have a significant impact Naver’s Global business strategy

The Japanese The government claimed that both instances of administrative guidelines were simply demands to improve security in order to prevent data breaches. HoweverThis is difficult to believe, given what has unfolded. InsteadThe move appears to be intended to turn Line-Yahoo into a fully Japanese company. On The same day Japan’s Asahi Shimbun Some members of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party are demanding strict measures, stating, “It cannot be anything but genuine Japanese infrastructure.”

While The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. Korean The government is waiting Naver’s Judgement on the basis of “Line incident,” More proactive intervention is being called for. Experts Also, it was argued that the government shouldn’t be a spectator in this matter since there is a competition between nations for leadership of platforms.

The official is a high-ranking member of the Ministry The following are some examples of how to use Science The ICT (MSIT), stated on May 9, “Naver has requested the government to wait,” Explained “SoftBank’s stance, which aims to maximize profits, seems to differ from that of the Japanese government, and the interests involved are complex, prolonging the search for a solution.” The Best outcome for Naver It is not appropriate for the government intervene in corporate negotiations. This The government’s consistent position on issues is aligned with “respecting Naver’s stance.” Minister Lee JongAt a press event on May 8, “If the government suddenly makes comments on the matter, it could cause problems given that Naver is making very careful and sensitive management decisions,” adding, “We continue to provide necessary assistance while respecting Naver’s intentions for the national interest.”

HoweverThe experts have a slightly more positive view. They urge a more proactive approach by the government. Professor Oh Hyun-seok Keimyung University’s Department The following are some examples of how to use Economics You can also find out more about the following: International Commerce stated, “While we should confirm the exceptions to the agreement, considering that Japan is in a de facto state of plunder, prioritizing its own economic interests, more proactive government intervention is required.” He It was suggested that the Government should “lead ‘Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISD)’ or at least signal its intent to review it.” He The argument was that just as private businesses could not criticize the government or oppose it during elections, so too they cannot do so in public. China’s In retaliation of THAAD deployment the government should be the same in this matter.

Lee SeongDirector of Korea University’s Center The following are some examples of how to use Technology Law You can also find out more about the following: Policy, interpreted Japan’s As if to indicate that the actions are intended to create a different platform. China Blocking Google You can also find out more about the following: Meta Forcing the use domestic platforms He added, “If we exclude the U.S., Japan, and China, the only places Korean platforms can expand to based on their domestic success are Southeast Asia or the Middle East, but this situation could hinder expansion into those regions.” He The emphasis is on the word “while it’s natural for the government to support Korean industries facing unfair treatment in other countries, even setting that aside, the government should actively consider the major direction of platform industry development and take a coordinating role through diplomatic efforts.”

Wi Jung-hyun is the chairman of the preparation committee for the Civic Solidarity IT Fairness You can also find out more about the following: Justice (Dean You can also check out the Davinci Virtual College Chung-Ang UniversityThe online press conference stated that “if this situation is overlooked, all countries where Korean companies provide services may face similar demands in the future,” Encouragement to urge the Korean The government “strongly express opposition to the Japanese government’s actions and SoftBank’s behavior.”

If Naver The government will respond quickly and pro-actively with the relevant agencies when a request is made. An MSIT official: “If Naver requests government intervention, we will closely coordinate with related ministries, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to take action.” Another Officials from the government have made a note. “We are understanding the official stance of the Japanese government through local embassies,” Additions “Relevant ministries are keeping a close watch to prepare for the possibility of this issue becoming a trade matter.”

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