South Korea It has started production of its KF-21 indigenous fighter jet.

The South Korean Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), announced the beginning of production on WednesdayThe report highlights the impressive progress of the ambitious aerospace project in the country.

A ceremony to celebrate the assembly of KF-21’s first production model took place at Korea Aerospace Industries The manufacturer of the jet, (KAI), is located in SacheonLocated 296 kilometers south-east of Seoul. This The event is a significant step in the direction of a better future. South Korea’s defense capabilities.

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The The program has always been the cornerstone of South Korea’s Defense modernization strategy reflecting the commitment of the country to increasing its military independence.

Last KAI has secured a $1.41 billion contract from DAPA, worth 1.96 trillion Won ($1,96 trillion), to produce 20 KF-21 units by 2027. The Long-term, the goal is to expand fleet to 120 vehicles by 2032.

The KF-21 is also known as KF-21. BoramaeThe influx of. is expected to boost the South Korean Air Force’s With its superior performance and advanced technology, it offers a wide range of capabilities.

The The first production model KF-21 will be delivered to the Air Force In late 2026. Since Six KF-21 protoypes were tested in flight and with armament to make sure they met operational standards.

The KF-21 can play a key role in South Korea’s The new jets will provide a more modern alternative to the older jets that are currently in use. Its Development and production are more than just a way to showcase talent. South Korea’s Growing aeronautical capabilities, but also strategic moves to enhance national safety.

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