The number of foreign workers entering South Korea In 2023, this figure is set to rise by about 25% in comparison with the previous years. It’s the highest number in 15-years.

Last Due to the expansion in the system of employment permits, the number of foreigners entering the country in 2011 was the second highest in history. NotablyNumber of foreign workers in the United States South Korea In the last year, the number of new jobs has increased by 25%. It is the highest in 15 years.

According You can also find out more about the “2023 International Population Movement Statistics” Released by Statistics Korea On, July The number of international migrants in the United States has risen to 11. South Korea The number of people who stayed more than 90-days was 698,000. Foreign Arrivals increased by 67,000 (16.2%), and departures by 75,000, from 480,000 to 319,000.

OnnuriHead of the Population Projection Team When you are looking for a way to improve your life, consider using Statistics Korea, explained, “In 2022, the easing of COVID-19 restrictions led to a significant increase in foreign arrivals, which in turn caused an increase in departures in 2023, slightly reducing net migration.” The Net migration of foreigners resulted a net influx of 161,000. This is a decline of 8,000 compared to the previous year. HoweverThe second highest number was set during the post COVID-19 epidemic period.

Foreigners The net inflow was positive across all age groups with the highest net inflow (81,000) amongst those in their 20s. Foreign Arrivals were mainly from China (132,000), Vietnam (71 000) Thailand 35 000, representing 49.6%. Compared In comparison to the previous year’s arrivals, China, Vietnam. Russia Increased the most. Foreign The main reason for departures was to China (99,000), Vietnam (40) Thailand 33,000, or 53.7%, of the total. Compared The number of departures in the year before was lower than the previous one. China, Thailand. Vietnam Increased the most.

Regarding In terms of the reason for the stay, 36.1% were employed, followed by those who came to study or train, and then permanent residents and marriage immigrants (12.1%). SpecificallyThe number of foreign workers who entered the country increased by 25,5% from the year before, to 173,000. This is the second highest ever recorded. This The highest number in 15 years was 2008 (176,000).

Onnuri Further, “The increase in foreign arrivals can be attributed to policies such as the inclusion of overseas Koreans, improvements in the seasonal worker system, and the expansion of the employment permit system. As for departures, the increase in arrivals in 2022, voluntary departures, and special crackdowns on illegal residents seem to have played a role.”

Looking The purpose of the stay of major countries is 28.8%. Chinese Arrivals were overseas KoreansAmong the 23%, 17.9% were related to study and general training. For Vietnamese Arrivals were 38.8% for employment, 26,9% for general education and study, and 26.1% permanent residence or marriage immigration. For Thai Arrivals were 70.3% for short-term stay, 23.8% employment, and 4,2% permanent residence or marriage immigration. For U.S. Arrivals: 53.1% short-term, 20.2% overseas KoreansAnd 10.3% for general training and study.

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