South Korea Laser weapons will be used to destroy aircraft North Korean According to the arms procurement agency, China will deploy drones in military operations this year and become the first country worldwide to do so. Thursday.

South Korea Laser programme has been called by the “StarWars project”.

The Laser weapons that can zap drones South Korean The military has evolved with Hanwha Aerospace They are quiet, invisible and effective, costing 2,000 won per shot (US$1.45). Defence Acquisition Programme Administration (DAPA), said in a press release.

“Our country is becoming the first country in the world to deploy and operate laser weapons, and our military’s response capabilities on North Korea’s drone provocation will be further strengthened,” DAPA described these weapons as game changers on the battlefield of the future.

The At a DAPA briefing, a spokesperson explained that laser weapons are used to shoot down drones flying by destroying their engines or electric equipment for a period of 10-20 seconds.

Five North Korean Drones crossing into South KoreaThe war between and is still technically ongoing PyongyangIn December, prompting Seoul In the first major attack since 2017, fighter jets and helicopters were scrambled and shot down.


‘It’s The city with the highest density of people’: South Koreans Border with North Fear of conflict

‘It’s The city with the highest density of people’: South Koreans Border with North Fear of conflict

Fighting Between 1950 and 1953 Korean The war ended in an armistice and not with a peace treaty. Demilitarised Zone (DMZ between the two) Koreas.

North You can also find out more about the following: South Korea The two countries violated the armistice governing their border by sending drones in each other’s space. United States Has said.

Countries The following are some examples of how to use South Korea, China You can also read about the United Kingdom A US think tank says that laser weapons, or directed energy weapons as they are also called, are in high demand. Rand Corporation.

There’s The think tank said that there is a substantial interest in these weapons, which can be used to counter unmanned systems and also target missiles or satellites orbiting in space.

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