Popular South Korean YouTuber Has been arrested for fatally stabbing a rival over a live stream. online feud.

The Victim is live streaming on YouTube To his almost 4,000 subscribers outside of a Busan courtThe suspect then stabbed him behind the victim, who had been there for an hearing.

Police Arrived around 10am Thursday The victim was found in cardiac arrest. He The victim was transported to a hospital in the area where he was declared dead an hour later.

The The suspect fled from the scene in an rented car. He was arrested shortly after. Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang province.

Neither Neither the victim, nor the suspect, has been named.

Police If you suspect that the attack was planned, Korea JoongAng Daily reported.

The A suspect with around 8,000 YouTube subscribers had, according to reports, bought a sharp object from a grocery store the day prior and rented an automobile.

After He posted the following in the Community section of his YouTube channel: “I apologize to my subscribers who have cared for me and supported me. But I couldn’t possibly forgive someone who tried to destroy other people’s happiness. I won’t make excuses. I will take responsibility for my actions.”

The Two YouTubers both in their fifties had been at odds for almost three years over “unresolved legal conflicts”According to the news report,

They Arrived at the court for a trial on complaints of physical abuse and reputational damage made by the victim.

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