Picture this: It’s Late Thursday Minutes away from Friday. In In a few minutes, the new wave of music will be released. Spotify. Somebody There is no way around it Drake’s Again, throat a new tune. Once Fans will flock to X when they hear the diss song. TwitterTalk about Drizzy’s The latest L. Topics New music is regularly featured on the website X’s Top trending topics Friday Morning is when most of the online discussion about new music takes place.

SoHere’s some food for thought: Spotify There are more users on X than X appears to be a reported 615 million active monthly users You can also read about 368 million For X. Why All these conversations about music could not have happened on Spotify instead?

The The obvious reason for this is that Spotify This isn’t social media. But, Spotify Perhaps executives have also thought through the process I’ve just described.

Earlier This week, Spotify Commenting on podcasts is now possible. In the announcement post, Spotify notes, “Our new Comments feature expands on the Q&A and polls functionality we introduced in 2021 as a way to bring interactivity into the podcasting industry for the first time. And interactivity is a feature that already has listeners and creators buzzing: More than 9 million unique Spotify listeners have interacted with a Q&A or poll just this year, and there’s been 80% year-over-year growth in the number of total Q&A responses and votes from listeners.”

So, Spotify The platform has been used by a number of users who have shown an interest in the interactive features. Perhaps Introduce commenting to your podcasts. Spotify Test and soft-launch the new era Spotify As a music-based social network platform, users can listen and discuss music on the same place.

If They have an idea, but they don’t know how to implement it. Why not go all out and allow users to leave comments on albums and tracks?

WellBeing a giant Internet company doesn’t guarantee a successful social media expansion. We The same thing happened with Google: They launched GoogleYou probably never heard or forgot about the following: The Facebook Clone did not gain traction, and operations were discontinued a few year later. That’s Not to say that Google It is important to not rush into anything, because nothing can be guaranteed no matter how strong you are in another area.

SoIt’s a smart move to try and pivot into social media. Spotify Practice your cuts in the on deck circle before you go up to bat. After If social media are on, then it’s time to go full throttle. Spotify’s Even with a full agenda, there are so many other factors to consider. Would Could users create their own posts or would the platform only allow comments? Will Will there be an option to view the best comments and users on the platform as a whole, or is each song/album’s comment section its own thing? Will Stopping should be done with appropriate moderation Neil Young Spam is not tolerated comments about audio quality? That’s Just a few of the most important questions Spotify It would be necessary to plan ahead for a launch on this scale.

The The opportunity is there. Spotify It is the largest music streaming platform in the world and continues to grow. Public The opinion of X has waned since Elon Musk Take over. (That’s Not to say Spotify Without its controversies, though.) Many Users of social media would seem to welcome a new forum where they can discuss music without leaving the app that they are already using. It It is clear that a significant value proposition could be offered by Spotify They can increase their lead over streaming competitors such as Apple Music. It This would make them an unique presence in social media.

This All of this assumes that Spotify even wants this — that they actually aim to expand comments beyond podcasts. We I don’t think so, but if this is the direction they’re taking, it’s a good thing. Thursday Nights out Friday The mornings of the future could be very different.

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