When When it comes to exaggerated shapes and bold colors palettes, look nowhere else but Mona Thomas. Her designs — through her label HUNI — have hit the radar of Ye The likes of trend-setters are embracing it J Balvin The following are some examples of how to get started: Lil Nas XHer reimagined works push the boundaries of what is considered normal.

As Her work transcends all barriers and forms. She translates a larger-than life aesthetic, mainly inspired by Y2K Futurism, in a variety mediums like fashion, accessories, gaming consoles, and furnishings.

With Nail-biting EURO 2024 She is currently in full force in her own country. Hypebeast The designer is caught up with Frankfurt She has just launched her latest customisation initiative. German Sportswear and Lifestyle Giants adidas Discuss inspirations, challenges and football.

Hypebeast: What What was your first step into the world design?

Mona Thomas: Being In my childhood, I was inspired by what I saw on television and on the internet. Then, in my teens, I spent lots of time online. Tumblr. By When I was watching YouTube videos of hip-hop and music, and cartoons on TV, I wondered what life behind the scenes in pop culture was like. Who Are the people who are creating all of this artwork that I’m consuming?

Your designs are bold — what inspired the extravagant futuristic aesthetic?

When When I tell you the things that I was obsessed with as a child, you will see where this aesthetic came from. I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid because I watched Apollo 13. But I loved the space suits, and the interior of the shuttle. I would draw the outfits, and then dress up like an astronaut. I also liked the Teletubbies – from the TV screen on their belly to the little nubs on the bottom of their feet and their home interior is insane. Those The things that I did definitely influenced my aesthetic.

What What made you launch your HUNI brand?

Sometime My goal after high-school was to land a creative job. I knew that the best way to grab the attention of people in this field was to create and post content on social media. I started creating my portfolio. This included logos and visuals for fictional products as well as fictional brands. One One of the fictional brand ideas I had was HUNI. This is what would later become my real brand. No No one in my family has ever run a business or had any knowledge of the legal side. At first, it was a bit scary. I still don’t understand what I am doing sometimes. I’m Taking action is what you should be doing. But It’s the most wonderful thing I have ever done.

Your work transcends disciplines with each one being unique — what does the future look like for the brand? What Which medium would like to be your next project?

I have the feeling that we are only just beginning. Because I only used the tools available to me, my creative possibilities have been very limited. Not The lack of reliable manufacturers within my network is a significant obstacle. It I was held back for many years from creating my best work and releasing it. But We are doing everything we can to change that. My Dream to have better access to textile factories and workshops, and to explore different materials and techniques.

Break Down today’s look

I’m I am wearing a blue adidas T-shirt, which is a prototype of one of the unreleased shirts that I have designed. Firebird Track jacket, wide-legged adidas Joggers and a pair adidas Spezial sneakers.

Favorite What is the point of this piece?

I enjoy wearing comfortable clothes, and these track jackets are my current favorite. They’re timeless.

What How did you come up with the idea for your adidas customization?

When adidas asked that I work on this project. So, I started gathering ideas and developing the concept. It It takes me a while to come up ideas. When The biggest challenge when working on a customisation project is not making it look lazily. To inspire me, I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to express myself. So I focused on the artistic aspects of the shoot.

Key What are the inspirations for these designs?

English footballers from the ‘80s, ‘90s and early 2000s. But In general, each footballer has their own style. I love that even though they wear the same uniforms within a single team, they still do it their way.

How Did you combine HUNI’s spirit with adidas’ heritage to create a new look?

My The signature design element of the Huni curve. It was my first hoodie that I introduced this. Three stripes are adidas’ signature design element. To combine the two, you can design a three striped curve.

What’s What is the main custom piece of clothing?

The Beckenbauer We created looks around the jacket.

Favorite Design in the range?

The The spiked predators.

The The Euro is being held in the country of your residence. What What are some of your most memorable football moments?

I was a child, but the memories I have of that time are the most precious. World Cup The 2006 was held in Germany. I can remember the entire country feeling euphoric. It was infectious. Germany vs Argentina game. That I wanted to be a goalkeeper after watching the penalty shoot-out. Thinking It was the design of the jerseys, not the words themselves, that spoke to me.

Stay Watch for updates on adidas’ partnership with the brand.

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