LG ElectronicsHome Appliance Subscription Product Group (Photo LG Electronics)

LG Electronics The subscription business will generate more than 1 trillion won ($730 million) of sales by 2023. This Analysts claim that this is due to the increasing popularity of subscriptions. These require a lower initial cost and give consumers regular management.

According LG Electronics On, July LG has a subscription product for each of the following: 11, 36,2 percent (20 products). Best Shop Subscriptions to the magazine were available. June. The Water purifiers, which are primarily sold as subscription products, were excluded by the company. A home ventilation system was also recently added to subscription products. Chloe Robot The data.

The Since the beginning of the summer, the growth rate for AI air conditioner subscriptions is on the rise. The The company’s subscription portfolio includes OLED TVs Standby QNED TV was added to the subscription services in October 2023.

LG ElectronicsIn 2023, the annual subscription sales of’totaled 1,134.1 trillion won. The The subscription service is now a major source of revenue for the Korean Home electronics giant has been offering large appliances for two years. “In the first half of this year, the subscription service’s sales ascended from the same period of last year,” The LG Electronics official. “We expect to post the highest annual subscription sales this year.”

The The popularity of subscriptions for home appliances is due to the fact that the customers can select their own subscription period and get regular maintenance by experts. The Subscription services are a great way to get premium appliances at a lower price without having to pay hefty upfront costs.

In LG has adopted the trend of subscription-based economy. Electronics The company will also expand its home appliance subscriptions into overseas markets, further consolidating its global position.

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