Many countries still struggle to bring back tourism at the same scale as before the COVID-19 epidemic. Places like Hong Kong And regions in Italy have turned to offering free travel you can even get free houses for people who want to visit.

Taiwan is the latest destination to be added to that list. The government offers tourists 5,000 New Taiwan dollars per traveler (or approximately $163 USD) or NT$20,000 (about 653 USD) for 90,000 tour groups.

According to The Points GuyChang Shi-chung (director-general of Taiwan Tourism Bureau) stated that the money would go via a digital card so it could directly benefit Taiwan’s tourism. Cardholders will be able use the cards to pay for travel, accommodation, and any other expenses.

Taiwan is determined to attract more tourists from countries like Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao, Europe and the U.S.

According to the Taiwan Tourism BureauIt received less than 900,000 visitors in 2022, compared to a record 11.8 million international tourists in 2019.

As the government has not released their plan, it is still not clear when or how Taiwan will distribute the digital tourist card.

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