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The End of The Boys The comic book series Homelander’s Downfall is the result of a number of factors. The epilogue miniseries that followed indicated that no other malevolent supe would ever threaten the world. Garth EnnisThe ending of the story didn’t resolve all the threads from the series but the author made sure to tell fans that things had really changed.

The Boys: Dear Becky – written by Garth EnnisArt by Russ Braun – offers one final chapter in the bloody tale, set over a decade following the conclusion of the main series. The Tale sent protagonist Hughie On one final adventure, investigate the source of a mystery journal detailing the early days of the Boys.

As As part of the storyline, fans got a glimpse into a world that was radically different. “superheroes” The supes are no longer around, and fans have to assume that the world will never allow another generation to rise. Homelander happen.

The Boys’ Most Disgusting Monster Is a Secret Metaphor for Homelander

The Boys One moment in particular shows why. Homelander is so despicable.

Homelander’s Actions At The End Of The Boys Permanently Turn The Public Against Supes

The Boys: Dear Becky – Written By Garth Ennis; Art By Russ Braun, Tony Aviña, & Simon Bowland

Readers One might have thought that returning to the franchise, would bring a pessimistic view of the future post-Supe. However, for such a cynical show, the
Dear Becky
Epilogue suggests that this is not the case.

By The end of The Boys, Billy Butcher’s The CIA-backed antisuperteam team had dismantled all major superteams; SevenAs well as teams such as the G-Men. PaybackBefore his own death, the. Butcher enacted the slaughter of numerous supes In the course of his terror campaign and retribution he has reduced the number of super-powered people in the world. Considering Tone The BoysReaders might have expected a pessimistic view of the future after the Superman franchise. However, for a series that is so cynical, the Dear Becky Epilogue suggests that this is not the case.

The Boys After the war, only one member of this group was left alive. In The final episode of the series, Billy Butcher He killed himself and his team as part of a plan to kill everyone. Earth With any trace Compound V is the system that they use. He It was only by that I stopped a genocide from taking place. HughieThe moral center of a person won out over Butcher’s brutal ideology. Butcher died at Hughie’s hands – making it one of Garth EnnisThe ‘patented tragedy ironies’ that, Dear BeckyIt is revealed Hughie Take over Butcher’s Role of maintaining vigilance on the remaining Supes.

The Boys Dear Becky, Hughie sitting on the toilet at night reading Butcher's journal by the light of his phone

As Hughie What is explained in Dear BeckyWhile the final battle against Homelander’s Supe uprising Even though the concept of superhuman protectors has been abandoned, there are still some who want them back. When Annie If there is any chance that they will succeed, Hughie The truth is revealed The CIA subtly undermines such groups, sowing confusion among them and causing discord. BoysOnline is the only way to do almost all of your work. That said, Dear Becky The image also shows a former that is unhinged Vought corporate executive James Stillwell Superheroes may be a thing of the past, but fans are still excited about a possible relaunch. “bad product.”

“Dear Becky” Emphasizes The Tragedy Of Billy Butcher’s Ultimate Fate

His Campaign Of Violence Proved Futile

Dear Becky
Explains the BoysThe final public battle against HomelanderHis uprising against supes firmly turned public opinion in its former direction. “heroes.”

Hughie This is a good example of CIA anti-supe activities in the current year. Dear BeckyTelling Annie About a group claiming to be the Stormfronters – after the Nazi supe Stormfront –who turned on each other after the CIA targeted them and stoked dissent among the group. Hughie It is acknowledged that there are still supes in the world. Compound V is still out there and able to empower more – but prevailing world sentiment is now against them to the point that the governments of the world, or at least the CIA, have an interest in keeping them and their supporters out of power.

As Dear Becky Explains the BoysThe final public battle against HomelanderHis uprising against the supes turned public opinion in its direction. “heroes”, as it creates enough of a vacuum in power that the CIA can step in and stop VoughtThe film is a constant reminder to anyone who wants to recreate the system which led to abuses so rampant. The Boys. In This adds an additional dimension to the tragic story of Billy Butcher’s final villainous turn.

The Boys, Butcher coming to terms with his decision to kill supes en masse.

Butcher’s The plan to commit genocide has always been portrayed as an unjustified and horrific reaction to the cancer he saw in superhuman supremacy. The Boys: Dear Becky Also confirms that it was not necessary. The Story emphasizes that Homelander’s The actions of the superheroes were so damaging that they destabilized the entire system. It is impossible for those who did not return to the fold. In Other words The BoysA typically grim view of American The politics of the day with Homelander off the boardThe existing power structure is more than capable to suppress what it views as a danger.

For Better or Worse, The Boys Is the Last Great Gen X Franchise

In There are many ways to do this. Garth Ennis”A frequently provocative superhero satire “The Boys” The essence of the worst and best of Generation X art.

No Supe Will Ever Achieve Homelander’s Level Of Power And Influence

The Era Of “Heroes” Isn’t Coming Back

The The idea that the world will still be resolute ten years after supes was given unchecked powers, is as close as you can get to a happy end.
The Boys
It was never likely that you would get.

From From beginning to end The Boys did not evince much faith in humanity Instead, focus on the beauty and value of individual relationships. From start to finish, however, it held true to the central thesis that the concept of superheros – as most potently exemplified by Homelander – is a bad idea, one that couldn’t survive after people saw through the lies propping it up. While Dear Becky It doesn’t mean that super-powered individuals won’t be a threat to society or politics in the future. But it does suggest that they may never have political or social power.

The The idea that the world will still be resolute ten years after the events of 9/11 that supes cannot have unchecked powers is as close as you can get to a happy end. The Boys It was never likely that you would get. Even Some characters are depicted as they appear in Dear Becky The comics’ last note seems to make the possibility of a supe resurrection seem unlikely. Whatever What role will supes play in the future? The Boys The version of reality Homelander’s A violent coup de grâce at the end of main series has effectively ensured ‘heroes will never have as much influence they used to.

In No supe like Homelander Could ever rise in The Boys” World again It This is not what a powerful Superman-analogue Could not be born but that They would never be worshipped and idolized by a populace that is unaware. Homelander Was so long? This The ultimate legacy for superpowered characters is a series of a brutal descent from grace. As The Boys The epilogue series was keen to emphasize that even a pessimistic future view did not include the return of supers.

The Boys Season 4 Poster Showing Homelander with Victoria Neuman Surrounded by Confetti
The Boys

The Boys This is a dark comic satire/superhero series by Eric Kripke Based on the comic book series of the exact same name. Set In a “what-if” Superheroes are viewed as celebrities or gods in a world where they suffer minimal consequences for their actions. HoweverOne vigilante group led by a man who is obsessed with revenge named Billy Butcher These super-charged weapons will be met with a fierce fightback “heroes” They are what they are.

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