Athletes turning to drugs to up their game or calm their nerves is nothing new — and neither is them getting caught. The The sports world has seen cyclist Lance Armstrong Seven-striped Tour de France Titles of baseball stars Alex Rodriguez A nation is banned from the 2014 World Cup after being suspended for 162 matches and a suspension of an entire team. Sochi Olympics Due to state-sponsored drug use. But Juicing at home Olympic Games It’s not illegal to use substances that have been banned in the past. You may even be able to find one of them in your fridge.

Before 1968 International Olympic Committee The International Olympic Committee (IOC), which had no guidelines on prohibited substances at the time, was abused by many athletes. The Some coaches encouraged runners to drink amphetamines, which is usually speed. rat poison-and-Champagne cocktails For an energy boost when racing. But After a massive anti-doping effort in the 1960s was intensified by a competitor who passed out drunk at 1965 Pentathlon World ChampionshipThe IOC acted.

At 1968 Mexico City GamesThe IOC introduced A list of banned substances is provided for each Olympian You would be asked to follow their events. In In addition to stimulants and narcotics and anabolic steroid, alcohol was also on the list. Offenders would fail a test if their blood alcohol content (BAC), or alcohol level, was 0.04 or more. StillThis prohibition didn’t stop any one Swedish Pentathlete who drank alcohol shortly before his competition.

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On the third day of the pentathlon — a competition including equestrian slow jumping, fencing, pistol shooting, swimming, and running that once spanned five days — Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall Was in good standing He The athlete had performed well in the equestrian, fencing and pistol shooting rounds on the first two days, but his nerves caught up with him by the third day. To Relax your mind Liljenwall drank two beers just before he was set to shoot — and he shot well, pushing the Swedish The men’s team is closer to the podium if they keep up with swimming and cross country. Then The drug test was conducted.

As The results of drug tests took several days to be completed back then. Liljenwall His team won a bronze award for their performance. HoweverAfter the medal ceremony the team was informed of this Liljenwall His BAC was above the 0.04 limit. The You can also read more about Swedish The team’s third-place finish was canceled and the team disqualified.

LiljenwallAfter only two beers he was the first person to ever become the world’s first and only Olympian To be disqualified or banned from competition for drug abuse. (The The 1972 pentathletes give it a second try Munich GamesAlthough he only finished 25th as an Individual and 8th as a Team.

While The IOC has finally done away with its Alcohol Testing in 2018, several countries still forbid their athletes from imbibing — and for good reason. After All in all, drinking a few drinks before buying a gun is probably not a great idea.

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