After discovering a brand new Automaton enemy, Helldivers 2 gamers are much more shocked to seek out that their greatest weapons are now not efficient.


  • Automatons in
    Helldivers 2
    have launched a robust new enemy – the Factory Strider, nicknamed the “AT-AT” for its dimension and power.
  • Players are struggling to defeat the Factory Strider, as it might stand up to the strongest weapons and repeatedly spawns extra Automatons.
  • To fight the Factory Strider, gamers should use armor-piercing or explosive weapons and be ready for extra threats like Gunships masking the enemy.

As the Helldivers 2 group involves phrases with the truth that the Automatons are gearing you for a large counter-attack, gamers are studying that their strongest weaponry is not efficient towards the faction’s latest deployments. Developer Arrowhead has slowly been teasing out the narrative that the robotic forces of evil have quietly been engaged on new strategies to reclaim a few of their misplaced turf and whereas Helldivers anticipated the worst, the fact is much more brutal. Players at the moment are sharing footage of their encounters with these huge new models they usually’re terrifying.

Posted to YouTube by Venatix, the Helldiver showcased their interplay with the Automaton Factory Strider which has lovingly been dubbed the “AT-AT” after The Empire’s comparable autos in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

The hulking tank manages to not solely shrug off a direct hit from a fully-charged Quasar Cannon, broadly agreed to be one of the best gun within the recreation proper now, however additionally withstands a 500KG bomb and the continued harm of an Orbital Laser Strike. The latter Stratagem in the end brings the Factory Strider to its knees after seconds of extended affect.

New Helldivers 2 Enemy Might Turn The Tide In The Automatons’ Favor

The tried eradication of the Automatons is underway, however a brand new enemy sort might give the bots the enhance they should thwart the Helldivers.

Helldivers 2’s Factory Striders Are No Joke

They Can Take A Beating And Dish Out The Damage

Scary Looking Automatons from Helldivers 2 in front of explosions
Custom Image by Katarina Cimbaljevic

As gamers are rapidly studying, the Automatons’ Factory Strider is not simply made to take in harm as the quantity of weapons on the titan may cause loads of hassle. The machine is provided with two laser weapons on its entrance that may fireplace in fast succession in addition to a heavy-duty cannon on its again that blows Helldivers away in a single shot. To make issues worse, it is also protected by heavy armor on all its sides and legs which means weapons that are not armor-piercing or explosive will probably be utterly ineffective.

While this type of enemy is horrifying sufficient, the Factory Strider additionally earns its title because the tank is giant sufficient to deal with a fabricator in its stomach that is in a position to consistently create extra Automatons to swarm Helldiver squads. One may suppose a well-placed Quasar Cannon shot by way of its deployment hatch could be sufficient to topple it however the AT-AT is even in a position to shirk off that. Fortunately, Helldivers with rather less expertise within the discipline needn’t fear about operating right into a Factory Strider provided that they solely spawn from Difficulty Level 7.

Helldivers 2
at the moment options two enemy factions, the Automatons and the Terminids,
the group agrees that the Bots are the harder enemy

To make issues worse for the Helldivers 2 group, the Automatons have also enlisted the help of Gunships to cowl Factory Striders. These aerial models fly overhead and rain down laser rockets that may utterly obliterate a squad in seconds however resulting from their speedy nature, they’re carrying far much less armor than the strolling tanks so that they’re considerably simpler to carry down with a well-placed Anti-Tank rocket. The Automatons are clearly tired of Super Earth’s advances so Helldivers might want to dig deep to show the weaknesses of those new weapons.

Source: Venatix/YouTube

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February 8, 2024

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