The Alternō team

Alternō is a Vietnamese Startup offering a thermal storage solution using sand batteries. It ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? secured The seed investment round led by The Radical Fund (Singapore) and Touchstone Partners (Vietnam).

In This article Alternō co-founder and CEO Kent Nguyen Discusses his roller coaster journey

“Our The journey began after a profound realization between the co-founders Hai Ho I am one of those people whose paths crossed because we both shared a passion for sustainability. Before We worked together on a sustainable tourism project to lay the foundation for a closer connection.

PostCOVID-19 Ho The limitations of lithium-ion batteries were a problem when building an off grid house Nguyen An informal conversation ignited a passion for energy storage. Alternō. This Our quest to solve energy storage problems began with a moment of uncertainty.

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The The gasoline crisis of 2008 prompted us to move quickly on our project. Saigon You can also find out more about the following: November 2022. During During this period of critical importance, we met Nam NguyenLater, he would become our CTO. Recognising the severity of the energy dilemma, we were determined to contribute to a sustainable future, not just for the world but for their children’s generation.

Embracing Entrepreneurship is a spirit

Our Our entrepreneurial journey required significant personal sacrifices. We dipped into our savings as three cofounders to fuel our vision. This Commitment is the cornerstone of our belief system Alternō’s mission beyond a business venture; it was a pledge for our offspring’s brighter future.

Despite Being a lean, efficient team Alternō rapidly transitioned from concept to commercial product, achieving its first customer deployment within a year. This The support of organizations such as the Japan International Cooperation Agency, JETRO, Ho Chi Minh BSSC, UNDP, Impact Square. Leave The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Nest. Their Our early challenges were overcome with the help of your assistance. You laid a strong foundation for our future. Alternō.

What Sets Alternō’s team apart is the personal connection to the agricultural sector, which many team members’ families are part of. This Our commitment to finding solutions that directly affect our families in the near future was strengthened by our understanding of the challenges faced by agriculture.

Envisioning a sustainable future

Alternō is poised to redefine the landscape of sustainable energy. The The company’s ambition is simple: to reduce carbon emissions by a significant amount with the use of their revolutionary thermal battery technology. Alternō envisions a world where sustainable energy is accessible and affordable for all, heralding a new era of eco-conscious living.

The The narrative of three co-founders captures the essences of innovation, teamwork, and commitment to sustainability.

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Our Journey with Alternō is a beacon of hope, inspiring a movement towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient world.”

(As Tell me about it Editor Sainul Abudheen K)

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