Check out the latest rumors and updates about this situation. The Warriors are set to meet Dwight Howard in the coming week.

NBA insider Shams Charania broke the news late last week and explained, “the team has been exploring signing a reserve veteran big man, and now the 2020 Lakers championship center will visit with Warriors officials soon.”

This has set Warriors fans’ tongues wagging but NBA insider, Kendra Andrews, has warned everyone not to jump to conclusions just yet.

“And while this has brought up a lot of conversation externally, I’m told that the Warriors are looking at this just as another workout, just another guy they’re bringing in to get a look at,” Andrews said on NBA Today.

“As they’ve been doing really for the past couple of months. They also brought in Kent Bazemore who used to be a member of the team, Juan Tuscano-Anderson – who was a member of that 2022 title-winning team. And with Dwight Howard again, they want to look at a veteran, they want to look at a big man, but by bringing him into San Francisco this week, that doesn’t mean he is a member of the team. This is just another part of the process as they work to fill out the remaining roster spots.”

What is pretty interesting is that not too long ago, Howard spoke about how he wouldn’t be a good fit at Golden State.

“I don’t think they want my style,” Howard said on My Expert Opinion. “Not that I can’t play or do what is needed. But why would they go get a Dwight Howard when they can go get a young player that maybe has no name, that’s not a risk.”

The Warriors, however, have made it clear since then that they are looking to add experienced veterans to their squad, in order to win another championship in the near future.

Dwight didn’t play in the league last season because no NBA team offered him a contract, so he opted to play a season in Taiwan for the Taoyuan Leopards of the T1 League.

The 37-year-old has obviously been putting wild numbers up in Taiwan, but he hasn’t been a full-time starter in the NBA for five seasons now.

It is impossible to deny his talent, as the three-time DPOY helped LeBron and AD in winning a championship for the Lakers just a few years ago.

Golden State fans are sure to be ecstatic if they do sign Dwight. They already signed Chris Paul, a veteran.

Carmelo Anthony, who is currently retired, may be the next in line to emerge.

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