The Mummy Director unwraps his memories of popular action film starring Brendan Fraser The following are some examples of how to get started: Rachel Weisz As it celebrates its 25th birthday.

Universal Pictures Release the movie May The film was released on September 7, 1999. It grossed $409 millions at the box office worldwide (approximately $767 million today). There were two sequels and the 2002. Dwayne JohnsonSpin-off led by – The Scorpion King. FraserWho was known previously for leading Encino Man (1992) George You can also check out the Jungle The star of (1997) was starred in The Mummy as explorer Rick O’ConnellWhile the project was a breakthrough part for Weisz Romantic lead Evelyn CarnahanThe two characters battle the mummified body of an Egyptian priest.

In A conversation with The Hollywood Reporter. director Stephen Sommers Recalls Fraser’s Health scare during stunt mishaps, the effort to cast James Earl JonesThe Super Bowl The spot that changed the fate of the movie, his feelings towards the third film and why he skipped it Tom CruiseA reboot starring – was released in 2017.

Rachel Weisz The following are some examples of how to get started: Brendan Fraser The following are some examples of how to use The Mummy.

Courtesy The following are some examples of how to use Everett

How How does it feel to be 25 years old? The Mummy?

It’s Funny how the problem never seemed to go away. It’s Always on TV Somewhere And I am aware, and especially because residual checks are so good. I’m sorry to say, but this has become very popular.

How Did you become involved in the film?

When When I was 8, I saw my first movie. Boris Karloff Mummy The movie [from 1932]I was thrilled to bits. Universal We have been trying to remake the Karloff When I finally got the job, it had been nine years since I’d worked on a movie. It was a low budget horror film set in contemporary times. My agents called the producers Jim Jacks The following are some examples of how to get started: Sean DanielThey were so sick that they couldn’t stand it. The Mummy The fact that they didn’t hear me and just brought straight into Universal. When we left, Sean — who’s the good cop of the pair — turned to me and said, “Steve, I thought you did a very good job.” He They patted my shoulder and I thought they would never see me again. But About an hour after I arrived home, a call came from an agent. “The studio wants to go for it.”

Did When you wrote the script, did you have any actors or actresses in mind?

I never do. My Editor Bobby [Ducsay] Even before I completed the script, my critic was already adamant that it needed to be improved. Bob It was like “Oh, this is Brendan Fraser.” I don’t know I’d even seen George You can also check out the Jungle At this point, We We knew the hero would have to be a man of strength, but also with a kind heart. RecentlyI read an article that said we went out to Tom Cruise After that, Brad Pitt. I’m like, “No, we only went to Brendan.” Brendan I loved it immediately. The The studio’s list included actresses such as Ashley Judd Other young American actresses. I said. “They’re all American. She should be English.” So Rachel We went to the girl and she was off.

On The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. Amazon There is a pop-up that claims the movie was rented. Sylvester Stallone The role was first offered.

You’ve You’ve got to be kidding. (Laughs.) In The 1990s Stallone It was a big star. Before The studio wanted to do it at $15 million. I can assure you that no one went to the theater. Stallone. He It was never said to me.

Does Any other notable features of the casting process that you would like to mention?

When The character I used is Ardeth BayI tried to get a hold of you. James Earl Jones You can also find out more about Roscoe Lee Browne. He The book was written when I was 70 years old Black Man, but I’m Always ready to change things. After James The following are some examples of how to get started: Roscoe They brought this 23-year old in because they were too busy to work on other projects. Israeli guy, Oded FehrHe was absolutely fantastic.

How How did your team handle the heat?

It The heat was intense, but the air is dry. We They’re not even hurricanes. The The ads would give everyone earplugs or goggles. You It would last only 10 minutes if you couldn’t see 6 inches in front.

Director Stephen Sommers The set of The Mummy.

Courtesy The following are some examples of how to use Everett

I do believe Brendan Has spoken about taking B12 in the butt while shooting.

Love The B12 shots Brendan Really put his body on the line. On The second one I could see him running away from the pygmy Mummies. Brendan limping.

Brendan Has spoken of doing his own stunts during which he experienced some bumps.

We The stunt team was great, but Brendan It was when he was young that he became a tough, big guy. We You could say that you beat him to death. Everybody Talks about the scene where he is hung. Usually Bags are placed over the heads of people who have been hung. Brendan He was always full of energy and enthusiasm. “Make the noose really tight on me.” Then He let his knees sag slightly. But What he didn’t know is that if you apply that kind of pressure to your carotids, you will be knocked out. We He’s totally unconscious. It He recovered in just 10 seconds. But He woke up looking like. “What happened?”

Did Did you know that your film would be so popular when you made it?

We had no idea. I was around Christmastime The editing room is where you will find the following: “For 40 years, people have been making fun of The Mummy.” I had a sudden panic attack. I’m thinking, “I love mummies and ancient Egypt, but maybe no one else will.” And The 30-second Super Bowl Spot came out. It From no one wanting to see a Mummy Movies that everyone will enjoy “Holy shit. That was really cool.”

What Do you remember the opening weekend of the film?

I thought that it was best to not get too excited. “If it could maybe open to $20 million, that would be huge.” One of my producer friends said, “If it does $15 million, you should be over the moon.” At 7:00 pm Saturday My phone rings in my kitchen in the early morning hours, but no one calls me at 6:30am. Saturday You’ve got bad news. It You can learn more about it here [then Universal president] Ron Meyer: “Steve, are you sitting down? The movie’s going to open to $45 million.” That The high was huge. That The night before, I met with a bunch of actors, crew members and myself for steaks. Dan Tana’s.

You Then, in 2001, he directed the film The Mummy Returns. Did Would you direct the third film that was released in 2008?

I did not want to make the third film because I felt that the first two were really well done. I’m I am so proud of them both. Third Some people are simply very difficult. So It was obvious to me that I did not want to direct this film. Rachel I wasn’t in it. We It’s a joke that the third is called The Mummy: Tomb You can also check out the Dragon EmperorBut it doesn’t really have a mummy inside. That’s When NBC purchased UniversalNBC did the Olympics The following are some examples of how to use China. They’re like, “Is there any way you could do a Mummy movie in China?” And I did not have anything to do with it Tom Cruise one, obviously.

Were You can consult for the Tom Cruise film?

No. ActuallyI felt a little insulted by the writers and directors [Alex Kurtzman] You can also say that Tom Cruise No one has ever contacted my. I always contact people before I take over someone’s project. The Third one, which Rob [Cohen] It’s my baby. I did not want to infringe on his rights, so I produced it. But I did not have anything to do with it Tom Cruise one. They I never received a call or contacted. It’s not as if I sat there crying. It’s just common courtesy.

Brendan Has stated that he is willing to reprise his role. Has Has there ever been any discussion about that?

Not That I know All The people of Universal After I left, they are all new. Since I don’t know them and they don’t have a way to contact me, I don’t know what’s in their head. At In the same way, it must be something special. Of Of course, I’d work with them again.

With The Mummy ReturnsYou helped make The Rock The star.

He The guy was amazing. I was surprised to see the footage they sent of this man. He is amazing. I had to move so quickly with him, because he flew right into the frame. Marrakesh The following are some of the most effective ways to improve your own effectiveness. Wednesday. He was in Detroit WWE – a WWE thing Saturday. But He was one brave man. As As soon as the studio saw dailies, President of Universal I was called up by someone and told, “You got to write a movie for him.” Somehow Over the course of the following week, I had this idea which became the Scorpion King movie.

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