The The pier will be used for the delivery of long-stalled human aid. Will It finally lives up to its name Biden administration’s hopes?


The Pentagon The temporary pier built by the U.S. on the Gaza In the coming days, coasts that deliver humanitarian aid to those in need will be installed again. It The tarp was taken down about a week back due to bad weather. Even Before that, it did not live up to the Biden It’s not likely to stay up long, even if it is reinstalled. NPR’s Hadeel Al-Shalchi Now join us in the city of Tel Aviv. What What is the current situation with this pier?

HADEEL AL-SHALCHI, BYLINE: So Since its beginning in May. Bad The weather and security issues have made it difficult to deliver aid from the pier. Associated Press It is reported that the U.S. Military will then leave the area after the entire pier is dismantled. This After the aid piles up, what is supposed to be done? Cyprus The pier that is already there has been moved onto land.

So It is already very difficult to access aid Gaza Border closures are a regular occurrence in the United States. Israeli Military Invasion EgyptOnce the aid reaches its destination, it can be distributed. Gaza The ongoing war has made it difficult. Alsoarmed gangs looting, which Israel Includes HamasBy starving, desperate Palestinians Delivery has also become a problem. President BidenIn a word, the announcement was made in March during his State The cheapest way to buy a car is by using the Union In his speech, President Obama said that the U.S. Military would build this pier. He seemed to be confident that it could help relieve some of humanitarian suffering in the area. GazaBut so far it has been a major failure, due to the weather and security issues.

PFEIFFER: HadeelIf there is aid, does it reach the people it was intended for? Palestinians?

AL-SHALCHI: That’s a very good question. Aid Recently, the piles of debris from the pier have been increasing. Gaza It’s been an incredible challenge to deliver the beach. It I was sitting there just because the United Nations The pier stopped its delivery in early June After the Israeli The military freed four captives during a rescue mission. About 270 Palestinians Health officials claim that in this operation, there were deaths. Now, the U.N. has announced that it is investigating if that pier itself was involved in the operation.

So Last week, the U.N. World Food ProgramThe aid that is delivered by the pier only represents a small fraction of the total amount needed. Aid According to agencies, Gaza It takes at least 500 trucks a day of humanitarian aid to relieve the suffering. Israel Only 200 people are going to be sent, according to the UN agency that investigates famine. A new report says that due food shortages and hunger half amillion people have been affected. Palestinians You can also find out more about the following: Gaza Now, they are facing starvation.

PFEIFFER: And The larger context is the fact that the fight between Israel You can also find out more about the following: Hamas You can also find out more about the following: Gaza As the situation continues to worsen,

AL-SHALCHI: Exactly, and according to the U.N., four schools-turned-shelters have been hit by Israeli Airstrikes over the last four days Just Yesterday, at least 25 Palestinians The sheltering of a school located in the North Gaza In an Israeli According to health officials, airstrike. Fuel The hospital is running low on supplies. Many Closed health care facilities. And You can also read about how to get in touch with us. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Last month, I said that the Israeli Military was winding up its offensive in GazaThere are renewed battles on the ground, both in the north as well as the south. There’s A new offensive on the ground in Gaza City After the military withdrawn months ago. At They said, “That time they said Hamas The defeat was complete. So Just a few weeks ago, the Israeli Military ordered another evacuation for thousands Palestinians In the North

PFEIFFER: That’s NPR’s Hadeel Al-Shalchi You can also find out more about the following: Tel Aviv. Thank you.

AL-SHALCHI: Thank you.

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