We’ve sThe e-mail address you entered is not valid.en it in TikTok’s viral whipped coffee trend You can also find out more about the following: side-pull pilsnersBut now the trend for fluff has reached cocktails. Soufflé drinks are on the rise (pun intended) with these picturesque beverages standing at the crossroads of aesthetics and time-consuming techniques. And Drinkers can’t seem to get enough. We can attribute the soufflé’s success to several factors — whether it’s their visual appeal or their difficulty of at-home recreation — but one overarching question remains: Why This trend is catching on now.

On This episode is the “VinePair Podcast,” Joanna You can also find out more about the following: Zach VinePair’s assistant editor is also present. Hannah Staab Explore the modern revival of soufflé cocktails Like this Ramos Gin FizzHow certain bars are trying turn a cocktail that takes 15 minutes into a drink you can make quickly and what the future looks like. Tune In for more.

Hannah You can drink: Emilio Vada Dolcetto d’Alba
Zach It is a drink The New Career
Joanna You can drink: Kobal Rosé Pet-Nat

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