Whataburger Many of its locations serve as a last-minute solution to the problem. Breakfast-on-a-BunsYou can eat burgers and fries with spicy sauce at any time. But Following the aftermath Tropical Storm BerylThe, which left behind more than one million Houstonians The power grid is without electricity TexasThe fast-food chain based in -based has been useful for an unexpected reason.

The Whataburger app, which can be used to locate its nearby locations and place orders ahead of pickup, is acting as a power outage tracker, of sorts — with its map revealing which locations are closed during its normal operating hours. X User @BBQBrian pointed this feature out on Tuesday, July Note that 9 is the number. Whataburger’s Closed outposts are a testament of Houston’s Power outages and quiet “handy since the electric company doesn’t show a map.” As This afternoon, the map of the app is available. Houston Area locations is predominantly gray, with only 40 Whataburger Locations in the area will be lit up orange to show that they are open. An Initial count showed that there were nearly 100 Whataburger The following locations are closed.

Users These can be deduced WhataburgersThis is a normal reflection of the “open” They are not open during normal operating hours because of some problems. Beryl’s Impacts can cause them to be damaged or lose their power.

Power Outages started early MondayWhen BerylThe hurricane was then categorized as a category 1. Houston Area with winds up to 89 miles an hour. More than 2 million residents were left without power, and many neighborhoods flooded — left, after the storm, covered in debris and fallen trees. Many Houston While some restaurants are still without power and closed, others have opened to serve the hungry. Houston community. Houston energy company Centerpoint Energy reports The company expects that 1 million people will have power restored by the end Wednesday.

Eater Houston Reach out to Whataburger To understand how many local shops are closed as a result of the storm.

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