As There were, as usual, a ton of pricey ads during Sunday night’s Super Bowl telecast. Some were good! Some weren’t! One The most prominent presidential candidates Curb Your Enthusiasm cast member spouse Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Being his weird self. And There was only one Beyoncé did for Verizon, where she repeatedly tried to break the internet…only to do that for real by releasing new music. If You’re not insane if you thought that one of the scenes in the advertisement looked familiar.

Per Entertainment WeeklyEarly in the ad Beyoncé sends up her album and accompanying “visual album” LemonadeTake her “Hold Up” Dress and baseball bat, to the suburbs. She stands in front of a McMansion with a lemonade cart (of course). That’s It’s not just any home It’s Also known as Colonial StreetYou can find it on the Universal Studios There are many TV and film shows that feature this scene.

One Then there was Desperate Housewives. That’s right: Beyoncé relocated “Hold Up” You can also find out more about the following: Wisteria LaneThe titular ladies get into eight seasons worth of shenanigans.

Desperate Housewives This is by no means the only show to use Colonial Street. You Can you see it? The Munsters, Providence, Malcolm Then, you can get in touch with us. MiddleEven Housewives alum Eva Longoria’s You can also see Telenova. It’s Also used in films like Deep Impact 1989 Tom Hanks Satire The ‘Burbs.

So welcome, Beyoncé, to Colonial Street. You’re It is a great honor to be in such august company. Everyone Other people can visit the street Universal Studios Tour ride.

You The full-length commercial can be seen in the advertisement above.

(Via EW)

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