Toblerone chocolate bar pictured with Matterhorn in the background. As a result manufacturing changes, the company will replace its iconic peak with a generic mountain.

Fabrice coffini/AFP via Getty Images

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Fabrice Coffini/AFP via Getty Images

Toblerone chocolate bars, with the Matterhorn in background. As a result manufacturing changes, the company will replace its iconic peak with a generic mountain.

Fabrice Coffini/AFP via Getty Images

Toblerone chocolate bars are known for their triangular peaks. They will soon lose their most iconic feature, the Matterhorn image prominently displayed on their packaging.

Toblerone, a Swiss confection made of Toblerone, was developed in Bern by Theodor Tobler in 1908. Its unique shape is due to its origin in Switzerland. reportedly inspired His mountainous home and the Matterhorn are his specialties.

It has called itself Swiss-made ever since — until now, thanks to the country’s strict requirements governing which products can legally say that.

Mondelez is the U.S.-based company that owns Toblerone. shifting part of its production to Slovakia A move that was announced last year in an effort to cut costs will see the start of operations in July.

It seems that this violates Switzerland’s “Swissness Act“, which requires products to meet certain criteria since 2017 in order to use Swiss symbols (like a Swiss cross) or be called Swiss-made.

These regulations were created to safeguard the prestige and value of the coveted Swiss Label. government explains, citing studies that show the value added by the Swiss branding can represent as much as 20% of the sale price for certain products — and up to 50% for luxury goods — compared to those from other places.

When it comes to food products Particularly, at least 80% must be from Switzerland and 100% for milk or dairy. All essential processing must take place within the country. Toblerone chocolate is clearly not one of those exceptions.

Mondelez spokesperson stated that the legal changes made to our manufacturing process require us to adapt our packaging to comply to Swissness legislation. told CNN.

It includes replacing “of Switzerland”, with “established Switzerland” on the label and eliminating the iconic Swiss mountain. graced its boxes since 1970.

While the company has yet not revealed its new design it says that it will continue to pay tribute to its Alpine roots.

According to a spokesperson for Mondelez, the Swiss newspaper had received an interview with him. Aargauer Zeitung The packaging will feature a modernized, streamlined mountain logo that is consistent with the triangular and geometric aesthetics.

And the company told the BBC It will include a “distinctive new Toblerone font and logo, which draw further inspiration form the Toblerone archive and include our founder, Tobler,’s signature.”

“Bern is an integral part of our history, and will remain so for the future,” it said.

It may be costly, but it is worth it. the company says Its decision not to relocate production will enable it to manufacture additional bars in “millions”.

And the confection itself, a chocolate-honey-almond nougat situation, appears to be staying the same.

This hasn’t been the case in the past: In 2016, customers in United Kingdom slammed the company For widening the space between the chocolate bar’s peak, a decision is made it said To combat rising ingredients costs, it was developed. It brought back It was reshaped two years later.

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