Toblerone’s branding image of the Matterhorn mountain peak is being lost by the company due to a shift in the place it is made.

The chocolate bar will consist of nougat and almonds, as well as honey. It will now be made mainly in Slovakia. Because of strict Swiss iconography guidelines, it must drop its iconic logo.

Swiss law allows only milk-based products made entirely in Switzerland to use national symbols in marketing.

Matterhorn, at 4,478 metres (14,690ft), is located in the Swiss Alps. Its near-symmetrical peak mimics the triangle-shaped chunks found in a Toblerone bar.

According to Mondelez, its US owner, it will instead be used the peak of a generic mountain.

The packaging will change from its mountain to a new typeface. It will include the signature of Theodor Tobler, the founder.

Sky News spoke with a Mondelez spokesperson who said: “To respond globally to the increased demand for Toblerone and grow our brand for the future, we are continuing to invest innovation in our Toblerone portfolio marketing and production.

“As part this, an evolving visual identity will be unveiled through updated packaging. It includes a new Toblerone font and logo. This draws further inspiration form the Toblerone archives as well as the inclusion of Tobler’s signature.

“Bern is an integral part of our history, and will remain so in the future.”

The Matterhorn will no more be on the chocolate’s packaging

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In 1908, the bar was first sold in Bern, Switzerland. The company remained independent until 1970 when it was merged with Milka.

It was ultimately bought out by Kraft, and later spun off to Mondelez in 2012, which also makes Ritz crackers and Green & Black’s chocolate.

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