Things Used to be so easy. June hit, summer vacation started, and you had all day to do whatever you wanted for three months — even if all you wanted to do was nothing at all. Things In the period shown in the video, things were even simpler. Toro Y Moi‘s new Kevin Abstract-featuring song “Heaven,” Before computers, the size of computers was smaller Pop TartsYou could carry it in your pocket and pay attention to it at all times of the day or night.

Even Friendships were made easier by the young substitutes. Toro His childhood friend and he run through fields with flowers and splash around in ponds surrounding the housing development. It’s cute and innocent — sure, the seeds of a later romance can be seen, but for now, these kiddos are more concerned with enjoying their idyllic summer days to their fullest.

“Heaven” The second single from Toro’s Upcoming album Hole ErthFollowing his June Track “TuesdayAnother nostalgic look back at the singer/producer’s relaxed childhood. That The theme of the year seems to be a lot about Hole ErthThe deadline for submitting your work is. September 6 Dead Oceans There are many appearances by Don Toliver, Duckwrth, Kenny MasonMore.

You Can watch Toro Y Moi’s “Heaven” Video Kevin Abstract The following are some examples of how to get started: Lev above.

Hole Erth The 9/6 is out via Dead Oceans. You More information can be found on the website here.

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