Without If you have a question, Texas State of beef The red meat is so ubiquitous in most of the state’s most-known dishes — chili, steaks, fajitas, burgers, and yes, most importantly, brisket. No No barbecue is complete without sliced or chopped brisket. But Turkey is a great option to smoked meats, but it’s often overlooked.

YesYou read it right. Turkey It’s not just for Thanksgiving Sandwiches for lunch or roasts? Smoked It is true that turkey is underrated in terms of a BBQ order. It is delicious and even better than the beefy version. The white meat (typically, turkey breasts are used at barbecue restaurants) is lighter than brisket — thanks to less fat The following are some examples of how to get started: protein. The Slow-smoking Process Adds lots of moisture The leaner the poultry, the better. And Because turkey is more malleable (due to the fact that it has less fat), you can experiment with more flavors. All Slices of brisket are tasty, inspiring and sometimes, we dare to say, even better than regular brisket.

There There are many options for smoked turkey in Austin. Up In the far north-west region Interstellar BBQ Brining turkey with citrus-herb concoction, rounded off by local hefeweizen ale Live Oak. That Salt-pepper seasoning creates a succulent turkey. East Riverside Food truck JNL Barbecue The turkey is bathed in a Cajun Butter for a spicy edge And even the simplest way of smoking a turkey — plain old dry rub and butter, leads to delicious slices. Take The turkey option is available at Austin’s most famous barbecue restaurant, Franklin BarbecueThis recipe uses only black pepper, two sticks of butter, and salt.

There’s Great Turkey is available outside the United States. Austin. It’s Worth the drive to Lockhart — the barbecue capital of the state — for the turkey at South TexasSmoked meats restaurant – – Barbs B Q. The Smoked slices are enhanced with herb butter to make them even more delicious.

All As a result, TexansIt might seem strange to substitute turkey for brisket, but smoked chicken at barbecue restaurants is worth a try. You You won’t regret your decision.

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