Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky The commander of the Special Forces was replaced on ThursdayThe second time in a half-year that he has switched the head of his unit, which operates in Moscow-occupied territories.

The Dismissal of Colonel Serhiy Lupanchuk Nomination of Brigadier General Oleksandr Trepak Two decrees posted on the website of the President announced his replacement, but did not provide any explanation.

Since 2014, Trepak East has been taking an active part in defence operations Ukraine The following are some examples of the use of Russian-backed separatists. He The leader of the resistance to the Russian assault on Donetsk Airports were one of the largest operations in those days.

The Ukrainian Since then, the military’s chain command has changed. February You can also find out more about Zelensky Replaced his top commander Valerii ZaluzhnyiThen-ground forces commander Oleksandr Syrskyi In a major shake-up.

At The time is now Zelensky He said that a new military command was taking control over the armed forces, and he promised to “reboot” By bringing in commanders with experience who understand the daily needs and wants of the troops, the system will be strengthened.


Ukraine The war after two years: Disease, displacement, and the need for aid

Ukraine The war after two years: disease, displacement, and the need for aid

The Shake-up comes at an unsettling time UkraineWith a Russian The East is beginning to be invaded by the troops taking advantage that there are shortages of Ukrainian The front line manpower as well as the dwindling stock of artillery rounds.

In a separate decree on Thursday, Zelensky Reappointed Dmytro Hereha As commander of the Army’s Support Forces, a position he was dismissed without any explanation March.

Lupanchuk The Special Forces was headed by a new leader last year November Following the sudden dismissal, Viktor Horenko.

Horenko’s At the time, dismissal was viewed as a sign that a growing divide between Zelensky Then, he was relieved of his command by the then-top commander.

The Special forces are not known to the public, but they have been thought to be involved in Ukraine’s Most ambitious operations in RussianThe peninsula and the -held areas are particularly important. Crimea.

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