Addressing The opening of the 2024 High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF), Amina Mohammed called for transformative actions Adopting bold policies that address global challenges like poverty, food security and climate change.

“Although the greatest challenges before us are daunting, together we can overcome them, achieve the peaceful, prosperous and sustainable future that all people not only need but deserve,” She addressed the UN delegation HeadquartersIn New York.

2024 Forum

Under The auspices Economic and Social Council (ECOSOCThe theme this year Focuses on eradicating the poverty by using innovative, sustainable and resilient solutions in a variety of crises.

Running From 17 JulyThe Forum Review progress towards Goal 1 on ending poverty, Goal 2 on zero hunger, Goal 13 on climate action, Goal 16 on peaceful and inclusive societies. Goal 17 on strengthening means of implementation.

On The calendar is Voluntary National Review (VNR) Labs, where the countries report on the progress they have made towards the SDGs and the challenges that they face. Several side events and exhibitions There are also events organized in the margins of the HLPF.

UN Photo/Loey Felipe

Economc You can also find out more about the following: Social Council President Paula Narváez (on screen and at podium) addresses the High-level Political Forum.

Focused Discussions

Also Addressing the Forum, Paula Narváez, President ECOSOC highlighted the challenges facing developing countries, especially conflict-affected regions, and stressed the need for peace.

She It was noted that the agenda included local and regional action, insights from regional fora, important intergovernmental discussions, and 37 countries presenting VNRs. The Forum’s The general debate will be a bridge to last year’s SDG Summit You can also check out this September’s Summit of the Future.

“It This will be an opportunity to share transformative actions, initiatives and monitoring of the Summit The following are some of the most effective ways to improve your own effectiveness. Sustainable Development Goals “We will be sharing our priorities and expectations for the summit in 2023.” Ms. Narváez said.

She The importance of inclusive participation was also emphasized, in particular for youths and marginalized groups.

Moment Reflect…

Ms. Mohammed Reflecting on progress is important. 2030 AgendaIn the context of the eagerly anticipated Summit You can also check out the Future.

The Summit is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to mend eroded trust and demonstrate that international cooperation – human solidarity in the face of opportunity but also threats – can carry us forward,” She said

In She noted that the SDG event was a special one. AccelerationNext MondayThis report will explore the specific investment needs and show country-level examples.

Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed Affirming the High-level Political Forum.

…and find the solutions

Further The woman’s remarks are a good example of the Deputy Secretary-General highlighted the multifaceted challenges facing the global community, from poverty to climate change – from war to gender-based violence.

The She said it was unacceptable that less than half of the SDGs were on track.

“But it is also fixable…this is what this Forum is about – finding the solutions and the political will to turn our words into actions in the lives of people in the billions,” She said, telling delegates

“Your presence, energy and ambition tell me that, although the greatest challenges before us are daunting, together we can overcome them, achieve the peaceful, prosperous and sustainable future that all people not only need but deserve.”

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