Sport Utility vehicles (SUVs), which are on display for sale, can be found at a Hyundai dealership in San Diego, California You can also check out the United States. (Photo Please accept our sincere gratitude Hyundai Motor America)

Hyundai Motor America HMA is accused of conspiring together with its dealers to inflate sales of electric cars (EVs).

The group is composed of Hyundai car dealers You can also find out more about the following:cluding Napleton Aurora Imports in Illinois You can also check out the United States A federal court has filed a lawsuit against the company. Chicago On, July According to 5th allegation, HMA has inflated the electric vehicle sales figures and discriminated against dealers that did not take part in this. Reuters.

In The dealers complained that HMA had pressured them to inflate their sales by using incorrect inventory codes for rental vehicles. Dealers who complied were given wholesale and retail price reductions and other incentives. Hyundai Motor.

Hyundai Motor In a press release, it said that the company does not tolerate manipulation of sales figures and began an investigation after being informed about the accusations.

Hyundai Motor Also, it added that the company is currently involved in a lawsuit for terminating contracts with two Napleton-affiliated dealerships following a sexual assault claim in South Florida. It Dealerships can be defined as those that Hyundai Motor They may have been angry with the termination and have been fighting to get back at them.

Lawyers for Napleton “Refused to comment” Reuters.

The Plaintiffs claim that Hyundai Violation of the law Robinson-Patman Act Discrimination based on price. Dealers Participants in the Hyundai Motor Customers are denied choice by inflated numbers of popular models.

“Instead of selling vehicles based on normal consumer demand, HMA orchestrated a scheme to have dealers present false sales figures,” The plaintiffs alleged.

They Also cited was a telephone call with Hyundai In their complaint, the customer complains to the sales manager. In The sales manager allegedly said something to the customer during the call. “We have to make up numbers for the media and the Koreans.”

The The court granted the dealers damages for their lost sales and profits. Hyundai MotorThe claim that they were treated unfairly by the Korean carmaker.

Napleton Previously, the U.S. automaker had sued Chrysler The alleged inflating of sales figures in 2016 The The company has settled with Chrysler 2019 At The time is now Chrysler Although the US automaker did not admit to the allegations and the terms were kept secret, it paid US$40 Million in settlement money to the U.S. Securities The following are some examples of how to get started: Exchange Commission The case is (SEC).

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