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The The U.S. government revoked all export permits of semiconductors for laptops and cell phones. Intel (INTC) Qualcomm QCOM is planning to ship to China’s Huawei.

On May According to reports in foreign media, according to 8 (local time), the U.S. Department The following are some examples of how to use Commerce informed several American On the day before, it had informed semiconductor companies that the export licenses for semiconductors destined for Huawei’s Laptops and mobile phones Although You can also find out more about the following: Commerce Department It was announced in a public statement that the firm had “revoked specific export permits to Huawei,” The cancellation of permits was not specified.

Last month, Huawei MateBook X launched ProThe first AI-powered laptop powered by Intel’s The new way to buy? Core Ultra 9 processor. Republican Members of the legislature have criticised the Commerce Department Approval Intel’s These chips are available for sale to Huawei.

This Move by the Commerce Department The pressure to reduce the size of the government is increasing. Republican Party’s China Hawks urge the Biden The administration will take more severe measures against Huawei.

Reuters This measure can hit you HuaweiIt is a reliance on Intel Laptop semiconductors and U.S. suppliers of laptop components will also be affected. Huawei.

Intel The demand for traditional PC and data center semiconductors is declining. After Last month, after predicting that its second-quarter revenues and profits would fall below the market expectations, its stock market capitalization fell by US$11.0billion.

Huawei The U.S. placed it on its trade restrictions list in 2019 due to concerns over strengthening China’s Military capabilities. Once On the list, suppliers need to receive separate approvals from the U.S. Department The following are some examples of how to use Commerce Before shipping any technology or products, please contact the company.

Despite This is a list of suppliers who sell products and technologies to Huawei The licenses are worth billions of dollars. Intel Since 2005, has been supplying laptop processors to Huawei Since 2020, including all approvals granted in the Trump administration.

Qualcomm Older 4G semiconductors are now available for mobile phones. Huawei After receiving approval from the government in 2020. Earlier The company announced that it will find it difficult to sell chips in the near future. Huawei Beyond this year

However, Qualcomm The company is still licensing its 5G technology to HuaweiLast year Huawei The 5G chips used by the company appeared to be manufactured in violation of U.S. sanctioned. Earlier This month, Qualcomm Patent agreement between Huawei Negotiations for a new contract had begun.

Analysts The licensing of 5G technology has been a positive contribution to the industry. Huawei’s resurgence. Despite U.S. Export Restrictions Huawei The industry is surprised by its own success August The company has unveiled a new smartphone powered by a chip that is manufactured by China’s SMIC.

According The research firm CounterpointSales of Huawei In the first six months of 2024, smartphones grew by 64% compared to last year. The Smart car parts have also contributed to the success of the industry. Huawei’s Resurgence helps the company to achieve its highest revenue growth in 4 years in 2023.

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