US President Joe Biden renewed Hong Kong’s “emergency status” The following are some of the most effective ways to improve your own effectiveness. WednesdayThe executive order to remove the city’s preferred trade status in 2020 was issued for the fourth time.

The “national emergency” Former US President Barack Obama was the first to declare it Donald Trump, a reaction to the national safety law Beijing Impose on Hong Kong Following months of anti-government demonstrations that began in 2019.

Biden The national emergency executive orders is subject to renewal annually. “must continue in effect” The coming year. He Has also been notified Congress.

“The situation with respect to Hong Kong, including recent actions taken by the People’s Republic of China to fundamentally undermine Hong Kong’s autonomy, continues to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy and economy of the United States,” Biden In a statement, it was said.

The The US executive order that revokes trade privileges granted by the US Hong Kong Based on the conclusion that the city “is no longer sufficiently autonomous to justify differential treatment in relation to the People’s Republic of China”.

Under The order will include the terms and conditions. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region The city no longer enjoys a special economic status, and sensitive technology cannot be exported there. Holders You can also find out more about the following: Hong Kong Passports are treated in the same way as passport holders Chinese ones.


Hong Kong Court finds 14 guilty in subversion case, but 2 are acquitted

Hong Kong Court finds 14 guilty in subversion case, but 2 are acquitted

In MayThe US State Department It would be a lie to say that impose new visa restrictions On officials responsible for implementing the National Security Law in the landmark Hong Kong 47 case.

It The following is a list of urged Hong Kong The authorities will free opposition figures convicted under subversion charges because they took part in the 2020 primary elections, which is the largest prosecution to date under the national safety law.

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