Although You can also find out more about the following: Kansas City Chiefs It was a great success! historic victory in overtime, Super Bowl LVIII The lack of quality was painfully obvious. ThankfullyThe same cannot also be said for Usher’s record-setting Halftime Show performance.

The “RuinThe full setlist of the singer’s rollerskating performance is available. hereBut also some of the notable collaborators. Lil Jon, HER, Ludacris. Alicia Keys The heading to Las Vegas Join the fun Today (February Users rewatched the clip in the NFL’s official website on December 12. YouTube but noticed quickly a small modification.

According Viewers KeysThe singer’s vocal mishap while opening her 2003 track “If I Ain’t Got You” The text has been edited. NowPeople are criticizing the NFL for allegedly fixing the vocal crack out of courtesy. Keys.

“Alicia Keys said, ‘Sike.’ Lol. Mandela effect happening right before our eyes,” One user made a joke.

“The way they fixed her vocals before uploading this on YouTube, LOL,” Write one user

“No way they fixed Alicia Keys’ voice online 💀💀,” Another way to say it

“It be the non-music mfs on here like, ‘Alicia started in the wrong key.’ 😂😂😂 Terminology all wrong. She just cracked, babe😭,” Write another.

That It’s not just the users who are upset about Keys’ cameo. When Usher embraced Keys The debut of “My Boo,” Viewers began to tag her husband, the producer Swizz Beatz He is being pushed around by someone who wants to talk with him Usher. HoweverHe laughed it off He’s been the same cool guy, always.

Alicia Keys Hasn’t responded to the audio scrubbing. She’s Probably just as unfazed Swizz.

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