Information found in Ancient Iranian architecture KRDS Architects designed this new home for a location on the coast of Royan.

Named “Vaulted Villa”, the project features distinct vault-shaped zones, which from above appear as two tunnels. The property overlooks the Caspian Sea, and fresh air flows through its windows. Light flooding comes from its south and north-facing windows. To regulate temperature, the west and east sides of the building have been closed. This shadows sunlight in certain areas.

There are three rooms on the ground floor: a living and dining room, bedroom, bathroom, storage space, and a kitchen. The space feels spacious and bright thanks to its open plan design. The decked area outside leads to a garden and pool. The architects added a second bedroom, bathroom, designated TV room, wardrobe, pantry, and terrace upstairs. Whether you’re on the outdoor terrace or sat inside, huge windows allow for expansive views out onto the sea. Color and material palletes are neutral, allowing focus to remain on the building’s unusual form and natural setting.

“Iranian architecture is formed in two forms vaults and domes, and double-shell domes can be considered the culmination of such structures,” the architects say. “In this project, we have come up with new combinations of vaults, by cutting and rotating the vaults in perpendicular directions and placing them on top of each other so that a load of each is supported by the lower arch.”

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