French Voters could elect the first far right party in Canada Parliament Candidates are dropping out to try and stop the system, which has been in place since WWII.


The Second round of voting Sunday The following are some examples of how to use France In effect, the party in control of the coalition will elect the next premier. French legislature. The The far right party Marine Le Pen The first round was won by the team that led. French This anti-immigrant, nationalist party has long been considered too extreme by elites to govern. And They have a good shot now that they are ahead on the left. President Emmanuel Macron’s The centrist alliance came in third place, despite being a long way behind. The Interior Minister says he is worried about reactions to the riots. Sunday Could lead to chaos WellLet’s bring it in Sylvain Bourmeau. He’s A professor at the Sorbonne University AOC, a website for analysis and opinion, is also edited by him. Media. Welcome.


INSKEEP: For The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other: American What does the audience mean? National Rally Party stand for what would be so divisive? France?

BOURMEAU: WellIt’s the extreme left. I’m talking about the elections. Sunday This is an important one. It The opportunity for extreme right to gain power for the very first time is now. French Republic’s Since 1789 is the definition of history. Because What happened at the World War The second was that the extreme-right came to power without any elections.

INSKEEP: AhThey collaborated with the. Nazi GermanyThe. France In a war

BOURMEAU: And People were elected and then changed parties. That’s How did it happen?

INSKEEP: OK. And They would have power if they had a majority, or if they were part of a coalition government. France’s legislature? Would They have the power to – to change France’s Immigration or Change: An Approach France’s Approach to the War in Ukraine Or anything else?

BOURMEAU: OhThey would be able to do almost anything, you know. Parliament The president is not the only one who is on the same side. Parliament Who holds the power? France. It’s It’s a strange system of politics, but it is what it is. And Earlier, we had experienced this phenomenon but not on the extreme left.

INSKEEP: OK. NowWe are in a situation that involves a second election round. This This is a bit difficult to explain. AmericansBut you had more than one candidate in the first round. Not Everyone gets to the second round. You There is a minimum voting age. But There are some cases where three candidates were present – a candidate on the left, a candidate on the right, and a candidate who was centrist. Some Both the left and right are losing their support. What’s What is the point?

BOURMEAU : Many of them are actually withdrawing. This will hopefully prevent the extreme right from winning on Sunday. That The extreme right is not the same as the other parties. They should not be a part of the Republic. So The candidates who are third in the polls prefer to withdraw to avoid an election of the extremist candidate.

INSKEEP: OK. So The left, the center and those who are more conservative, but not extreme right, can vote for the same candidate. When If you do the math, will that be enough to deny a majoritarian majority to the National Rally?

BOURMEAU: WellThis is not clear. It’s an election that is very suspended, and we’ll see what happens. Sunday night. The The most likely scenario is that there will be no majority. They You will need to communicate with each other. So There could be a coalition between the left, and the right. Macron right.

INSKEEP: Right. I’m just curious if the Interior Minister is worried about the violence. Why Will there be violence in the aftermath of a democratic election result? This Elections are held.

BOURMEAU: WellYou have seen the footage of what happened at the Capitol The U.S. The extreme right is very violent. It’s A racist party has already begun to become violent on the streets.

INSKEEP: Meaning Is it more likely that violence will come from the right or left?

BOURMEAU: No. I believe that the extreme right is the one to fear. The Left will – Of course, if extreme right wins, the left would be out in the streets demonstrating. I’m It is pretty certain that there will not be violence against individual, as it occurs with the extreme left.

INSKEEP: Analyst Sylvain BourmeauProfessor at the Sorbonne. Thanks Thank you for your time.

BOURMEAU: Thank you.

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