Red Stripe Inextricably linked with lager Jamaican Drinking Culture But We’ve uncovered some interesting news after taking a dive into the history of beer: There’s There is evidence that the birthplace of islandcentric Red Stripe It is possible that the Midwest.

Some You can also find out more about the people in your area Galena, IllThe local brewery is the one who coined it. Red Stripe The label was created nearly 60 years prior to the alleged invention of the Jamaican lager we’ve come to adore — but this story isn’t that clear-cut. After Searching through newspapers databases and getting deeper into the issue Red Stripe Through the rabbit hole we have discovered some coincidental facts that are a bit sketchy about the brand’s origins.

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Whether Or not? Red Stripe Lager Where did we learn so much? IllinoisIt’s important to remember that a Red Stripe There was a time when beer was definitely born. The Galena Brewing Company The first recorded date of founding was 1838. local newspapers It is advertised as a producing “Porter, Ale, and beer of a quality superior to that generally imported for this market.” HoweverThere is no further mention of Red Stripe You can also find out more about the following: Illinois until several decades later.

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Enter Mathias Meller. GermanBorn brewer, who has moved to Galena In 1849. Meller Purchased the brewery and expanded it. Changed the name. Fulton Brewery 1874. Eight He retired and sold his operation to a new owner a few years later. German immigrant named Casper Eulberg. He His sons Adam You can also find out more about the following: Peter The brewery has been renamed Eulberg & Sons BreweryThe fire destroyed the building, and it was left as a ruin. destroyed the whole thing You can also find out more about the following: July 1886. SomehowThe Eulbergs We were able get the brewery up and running again by October.

It’s When is it difficult to know? Eulberg & Sons first started producing Red Stripe Beer is not the only beverage that can be consumed. newspaper snippet The following is a list of the most recent and relevant articles. May The 1892 article mentioned that a shipment would arrive in time to attend an upcoming event. Memorial Day celebration. HoweverIt’s possible that the beer was created a decade earlier based on later mentions The following are some examples of how to use Red Stripe Brew “over 50 years before Prohibition.” Supposedly, Eulberg & Sons’ Red Stripe The film has become hugely popular across the globe Illinois, Wisconsin. Iowa Until, of course Prohibition The brewery had to shut down after all the fun. It The great apocalypse didn’t arrive until the end of the twentieth century American Dry spell ended and the brewery will reopen as soon as possible Galena Brewing Company Start producing Red Stripe again.

Island Influence

MeanwhileDown in Kingston, Jamaica, British citizens Thomas Hargreaves Geddes You can also find out more about the following: Eugene Desnoes In 1918, they joined forces to form a soft drinks company. Ten Years later, the Desnoes & Geddes The company has brewed its own beer first batch of — you guessed it — Red Stripe beer. The D&#39s first version of D&#39samp;G’s Red Stripe The alleged strong was British Dark ale was not the best refresher. Jamaica’s sweltering climate. In The sons of the two men in 1938 Paul You can also find out more about the following: PeterThe engineer helped re-formulate the beer after he took over the brewery. Bill Martindale This is the crisp, refreshing lager that we all know and love.

But wait — let’s back up for a second. The Galena Brewing Company The reintroduction of the Eulberg & Sons Red Stripe Beer In 1934, “all its old time flavor and style.” This It would be wrong to say that there are two different Red Stripe Beers coexisted till the Galena Brewing Company Closed in 1938 — the same year the Jamaican Red Stripe Get a new look.

What A Coincidence

Since The year 1938 Jamaican Red Stripe The business has flourished. As The stateside Galena Brewing CompanyThe original plant was never reopened. In The year 2010 has been a South African Man named Warren Bell A small craft brewery was started in downtown Galena Bearing the defunct Galena Brewing Company moniker.

There You can find information on the Internet, in newspapers and magazines. Bell himself, that claim D&G actually bought the rights to the Red Stripe Labels from the Galena Brewing Comapany upon its closure in 1938 — but the story just doesn’t add up. Paul Geddes In fact, I went to Chicago to study brewing in the early ‘30s before returning to Jamaica — but at that point, the Red Stripe Label already existed in Kingston. In It’s probably just a bizarre coincidence. It The implication is that the Illinois Red Stripe The beer was completely different, and the Illinois Red Stripe We can’t compare the two because production ceased almost 90 years back.

For The locals of Galena They can say with pride that they live on the site of the first home Red StripeJust not the Red Stripe We all know. And To the believers Galena-Jamaica The labels do have an interesting connection. resemblance.

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