The European Union’s recent decision To impose a provisional extra tariff on Chinese-made electric vehicles – pending an anti-subsidy investigation that the EU Commission It is scheduled to conclude in November – is part of a series of protective measures adopted by countries or entities challenging what they say are Beijing’s market distortions.
The List is growing. In MayThe United States The US has announced new tariffs of up to 18 billion dollars on a range Chinese Imports are subject to a duty of 100 percent on imports. Chinese-manufactured electrical vehicles. Turkey You can also find out more about the following: Brazil Trade barriers are a thing of the past. Chinese Electric cars India Says its auto market is “well-protected” High tariffs on imports of electric vehicles Canada Consideration should be given to imposing penalties Similar to those of the EU

Chinese The trade practices of other countries are also under scrutiny. Southeast Asia. Thailand It is considering taking anti-dumping action against a variety of Chinese Goods and services Indonesia The textile industry is also preparing for the same.


Why The EU and US are concerned China’s Overcapacity

Why The EU and US are concerned China’s Overcapacity

In In some cases, Chinese Carmakers could absorb the costs associated with the new trade barriers, or even bypass the imposed duties if they manufacture electric vehicles in a third country. However, the stakes would be much higher.

Regardless Increased anti-dumping duties have a significant economic impact.Chinese The anarchic nature of the international system is confirmed by trade protection. It’s Not just the US Western Allies are targeted Chinese Exports of accusations of oversupply and dumpingThe so-called ‘Asian continent’ includes not only countries but also those in the ‘Asia Pacific region. Global SouthWhich Beijing As an alternative pole, withstand Washington’s containment policies.
Brazil I am a founding member Brics groupingThe company, which was founded in 1999 and has been expanding since then, used to be known as China, Russia, India You can also find out more about the following: South Africa. Turkey The is part of the North Atlantic Treaty OrganisationBut has increased its geopolitical proximity to China It is reportedly considering joining the SCO through its involvement as a dialogue partners in the SCO. Brics. Thailand The United States has begun to take steps towards joining Brics too. Both Thailand You can also find out more about the following: Indonesia The major economies within the Association of Southeast Asian NationsWhat is it? China’s largest export market.
Chinese President Xi Jinping We welcome you to Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev Airport in Astana, KazakhstanOn July 2. Photo: Press Service You can also check out the President You can also find out more about the following: Kazakhstan/Reuters

Every A nation will always want to maximise their own national interest, and that is also true in a multipolar environment. That’s What is the best way to get in touch with you? Chinese Partner in crime Global South This will protect you ChinaIf they think it is in their best interest, they can dominate supply chains.

Turkey You can also find out more about the following: Thailand Two examples of the increasing ambivalent nature in trade relations between China Its non-existenceWestern interlocutors.

Even You can also read about it here Turkey Imports of vehicles from China, Turkish The electric vehicle maker TOGG has reportedly expressed interest in a production joint venture with Chinese итание самолн Guangzhou Automobile Group. It’s Also worth mentioning Ankara Negotiating with the Chinese Regarding the construction of a nuclear power plant.

Concerned Cheap Chinese Imports are on the rise Thai businesses, Bangkok Is embracing protectionism. HoweverThe same time China’s BYD It will purchase a 20% stake in its Thai distributor Rever AutomotiveAfter the Chinese First car manufacturer opens its first factory Thailand Last week.
Employees BYD’s new factory in Nikhom Phatthana, ThailandOn July 4. Photo: Bloomberg

OverallThe international system, while it may be multipolar than in previous years, remains very fluid. Moreoever. Through its global transportation and infrastructure scheme China The United States has attempted to create a system based on trade dependency, but it has not resulted in an automatic alignment of political interests by Belt You can also find out more about the following: Road Initiative participants.

China’s Even the US, a rival country, is bound by these same restrictions. Washington You can learn more about it here. reinforcing its tech cooperation The following are some examples of how to use Japan You can also find out more about the following: South KoreaBut its two key allies in East Asia The US government has been reluctant to raise duties on certain products. Chinese Blocking or goods China’s Purchase of high-end technology
There However, there is a difference in the two major powers. Beijing’s The company’s aversion towards formal alliances doesn’t help it in its attempts to prevent decoupling and de-risking of trade partners. InsteadWhile systems of alliances like those sponsored by the US.. are designed to protect members against external threats. However, they have a political purpose as well, which is to reduce potential and actual tensions and settle disputes between allies.

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