Controversial Streamer Boogie2988 The call out for Allegedly faking cancer diagnosis on a recent podcast. Boogie2988 (born Steven Jason Williams( ) claimed in November In 2022, he was diagnosed with polycythemia veraA type of cancerous blood. HoweverWhen asked for proof,. Destiny (born Steven Kenneth Bonnell II), Boogie They went on the offensive and refused evidence.

Did Boogie2988 Fake His Cancer Diagnosis?

As Now, there is no proof that Boogie2988 is cancerous or not? On The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. Lolcow Podcast (NSFW), Destiny Call us today to learn more about our services. Boogie I asked him for his medical records. Boogie The defendant immediately went into defensive mode and refused to produce any evidence. Even after Destiny Pledge $5,000 towards Boogie’s Medical treatment – to verify the records of his treatment in private and independently. Boogie refused.

Destiny’s Hypothesis is a term that describes a person. Boogie Diagnosed with secondary polycythemiaIt is not cancerous. He Other participants on the show said that they believed he had secondary polycythemia when he got the diagnosis. Boogie Google “polycythemia,” I saw the definition for polycythemia and assumed that was what he had. They Boogie He would have been so eager for a video to be made stating that he was cancerous that he might not have confirmed the diagnosis. And he may have felt too embarrassed to retract it afterward.

After Destiny The stream left, Boogie He has confirmed that he does not plan to release his medical records again, and probably another 50-100 times. More The money is being offered Boogie The podcasters brainstormed ways to show his diagnosis and still maintain his privacy. Boogie Only responded that he wanted to “keep one thing about his life private.” He He also stated that people would still refer to him as a liar even if they had proof of his diagnosis.

As The podcast continues. Boogie He continued to refuse to provide his medical records “on principle.” However, after being called out by his fans for allegedly defrauding them of between $5 and $10K in a crypto scam that occurred recently, Boogie said, “Yeah, and that is different than tweeting all my medical records.”

In Response to the allegations Boogie He’s said to be “leaving the internet” Deactivate his account immediately Twitter account. HoweverIt’s important to remember that despite his confused and erratic behavior, no hard evidence has been presented to prove or deny. Boogie’s cancer diagnosis. We Encourage readers to refrain from making derogatory remarks toward Boogie While we wait to hear a definitive answer as to whether or not he faked cancer.

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