Dividends Stocks are a great way to make money.

It The dividends paid by major domestic companies have increased by almost 10 percent in the last year. Particularly Recent announcements by the government on the introduction of the “Corporate Value-Up Program” The aim of the “Korea Discount,” This is the term used to describe the undervaluation. Korean stock market. In Companies are responding by strengthening their policies on shareholder returns.

According An analysis by Leaders IndexThe survey was conducted by 76 companies who announced property and cash dividends up until Feb. 8. The total dividends from these companies are 28.45 trillion (US$21.36) billion won, which is an increase by 9.3 percent (2.43 trillion won) compared to last year. This Total includes year-end dividends as well as quarterly and interim dividends. Out The 76 companies surveyed saw 45 increase their dividends from the previous year. Twelve maintained the same dividend amount and 19 plans to pay lower dividends. The The final dividends are determined by the shareholders’ meeting in March You can get paid in April.

Samsung Electronics The largest dividend remains unchanged from the previous year, 9.81 trillion Won. Following Samsung Electronics in dividend amount were Hyundai Motor With 3 trillion won Kia Motors With 2,22 trillion won. Financial Group With 1.17 trillion won Hana Financial Group SK hynix has a total of 825.7 billion dollars, SK Telecom The total amount of 765.6 trillion won.

ParticularlyDividends totaled Hyundai Motor The following are some examples of how to get started: Kia MotorsThe performance of the two companies, which had their best-ever year last year, has increased by 63,8% and 58,1%, respectively. This includes dividends paid at the end of year, half-yearly, and in third-quarter.

On LG Chem’s The year-end dividend is 274.3 billion won. This is less than half the amount of 783.1 million won in the previous year. SimilarlyPOSCO HoldingsThe dividend was also reduced by 151.4 billion yen compared to last year.

In Dividends paid by individual companies are listed below. Lee Jae-yong is the chairman of Samsung ElectronicsTotaling 323.7 Billion won,, is up by 19.5 Billion won from the previous year. Chung Mong-koo is the honorary Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group. will receive 176.2 trillion won, an increase of 53,5 billion won compared to the previous year. Chung EuiThe chairman of Hyundai Motor GroupThis is a rise of 43,6 billion wons, bringing the total to 154.9 trillion. Meanwhile, Chey Tae-won the chairman of SK Group, which will receive 33.1 billion, is down 31.8 billion from the previous year.

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