Wiz Khalifa Finds himself in hot waters after partnering with controversial boxer Ryan Garcia just dAys after Garcia’s racist rant.

In a video clip The social media started circulating about Sunday (July 7), Wiz You can also find out more about the following: Garcia Before the event, they were seen shaking hand at a nearby bar. Taylor Gang The rappers exchanged contact info to stay connected.

“Wiz Khaikfa is officially a lame for this 🤣🤦‍♂️,” Write one user

“Wiz has no code,” One person commented, and another added: “Black people allowing this weirdo to use them as props 🤦🏾‍♂️”

Others, questioned Garcia’s health, writing: “Sucks to see this cuz you can definitely tell he’s high af on drugs and not just weed. Hope this kid actually gets some help and makes a comeback fr 🙏🏽”

“He can’t stop moving and his hands are all over the place. He’s on some coke or meth. Dude is ready to run through a wall. It’s just sad to watch, it’ll get much worse before he gets better. Watch, you’ll see,” Another comment is:

On Thursday (July 4) A 25-year-old man, who has been in the news for bizarre outbursts over the past few months, incited outrage in a recent social media rant, in which he used both the N and the T-words. Ku Klux Klan.

“I hate n-ggas. I’m anti-Black,” GarciaWho are you? Mexican Heritage is said during a X Spaces broadcast. “I’m KKK, n-gga. I hate n-ggas […] Let’s go bring George Floyd back to life and kill that n-gga.”

The The racist remarks continued on his profile where he wrote “I love n-ggas” You can also find out more about the following: “Lil Wayne said I can say the N Word.”

The A statement by included in the backlash was Garcia’s Parents disavowing the comments of their son and urging that he seek mental health treatment. Initially, Garcia The next day, he said that he would apologize for refusing to do so. “take all responsibility for my words,” While citing his trauma and substance abuse issues Black-on-Black Crime, and opposition against pedophilia.

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