Yair Rodriguez It is not a big fan of Ilia Topuria.

On Saturday, Topuria challenges Alexander Volkanovski The featherweight championship will be contested in the main event. UFC 298 You can also find out more about the following: Anaheim, Calif. It’s Volkanovski’s The first time I’ve fought back after getting knocked by Islam Makhachev You can also find out more about the following: OctoberMany are worried about the featherweight champ, who has held the title for many years.

Even The following are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring someone else Rodriguez Although he believes it’s far from ideal, he continues to believe in Volkanovski.

I was surprised about him taking another fight after the KO, so soon against Topuria,” Rodriguez Tell them to get on with it Ariel Helwani On, The MMA Hour. “So He made a slight mistake. I would have waited just a bit longer.

“I think he’s going to win. But I just think in all the possibilities, the only reason I think Topuria could win is [Volkanovski] won’t be 100 percent. Not mentally, but maybe physically, inside of his head. Who knows what happens after you get a KO. Topuria hits hard. There are several factors. That’s the only thing that I think can affect Volkanovski. He’s really smart, he’s really good. I think he’s a way better fighter than Topuria, and I think he will win.”

Rodriguez Face Volkanovski This is the past July…………… a…………..?.?.?.?.?…………..??. UFC 290This may have played a role in the breakdown of his fight. But His confidence in Volkanovski Also, his feelings towards him could be a factor. Topuria.

“I just don’t f****** like the guy,” Rodriguez said. “He talks so much s***, and I think it was an easy way for him to go and fight for the title. I’m not only going to say me, but different fighters, we have to go fight like true warriors, true f****** lions, and this guy, I think it was an easier way to go and fight for the title. That’s it. I think UFC is making things easy for him.

“He He does a great job at marketing himself. The If you are able to market yourself effectively, you’ll get better deals. You will also get better fights. It’s no secret. Everybody I think that he is great at this. I don’t blame him. I just don’t f****** like the guy. …

“It’s sad that people like him get the better fights because of his mouth, not because of his fights. I don’t f****** like that. Regardless of the result of this fight, I would f****** like to f*** him up.”

If Rodriguez The fact is that it’s wrong. Topuria Beats VolkanovskiHis hopes of facing the Spaniard It is not always easy to see. Earlier This month, Topuria If he wins the belts. he’ll target a fight with Conor McGregor Give opponents the same amount of money as they do Rodriguez — who failed against Volkanovski — a title shot.

Unsurprisingly, Rodriguez It was not well received.

“He’s f****** delusional,” Rodriguez said. “He’s not even f****** in the same world as us. Another f****** planet. I’m You can be pretty sure Volkanovski is going to do the first job in f****** him up and then he’s going to have to eat all of these words and everybody is going to be f****** laughing at him, I can assure you of that. …

“I never gave a f*** about the guy until he started f****** talking s*** about me. I didn’t pay much attention to him but that is what the game is about. You You will become more popular if you talk about someone who is more well-known than you. That’s What he is doing. Let’s Be honest, this isn’t a secret. He will talk s*** about whoever. He’s mentioning CaneloWhy is he mentioning McGregor? It’s marketing. He Will never be able to fight someone like McGregor. Canelo. Of Course not. …

“His career will be over after this fight against Volkanovski. He’s been talking so much s***, saying so many things, and people are going to be f****** laughing at him after this.”

Rodriguez The next scheduled face-to-face meeting is currently scheduled for Brian Ortega In the co-main UFC event, a five-round match was re-fought. Mexico Later this month, Given He believes that the current featherweight title picture is a good one, but he also says that it could be better. Volkanovski The belt will remain in place Rodriguez It’s not true that a fight is going to happen. Topuria It will happen right away But when it does, he’d be more than happy to settle their differences – and even give Topuria The home field advantage

“If I win my fight against Brian Ortega, which I’m planning on doing, and Alexander Volkanovski wins, I would like to face Volkanovski, of course,” Rodriguez said. “Why Would I face [Topuria]? He There is nothing for you to offer. But I would like to face him, at some point, and f*** him up.

“If UFC plans to go to Spain, f***, I would love to fight in Spain. It’s his house. I would love to f****** beat him in his house.”

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