Vienna-based food startup offers a fish dish that is enriched with multivitamins, fungi and other ingredients, but does not contain any actual fish. Revo Foods Has unveiled its latest addition to their growing collection of vegan fish. Entitled “THE FILET”, Revo’s salmon-less salmon alternative is the first ever 100% vegan fish filet, and it’s stock full of proteins and nutrients.

You can also find out more about Per designboom, Revo “employs its own extrusion technology, which allows the 3D printer to integrate fats into a fibrous protein matrix.” Using Omega-3, all 9 essential amino acids, and Vitamins A, B2, B3, B6, B12, and D2, THE FILET sees no sugar, gluten or cholesterol, and embodies an authentic, meat-like texture due to its mycoprotein.

Revo taps food-grade syringes to hold the printing material, as the ingredients are then deposited via food-grade nozzles and layered atop one another before the filament-like matrix is injected with mycoprotein’s nutritional values. Revo has shared a slew of videos on its YouTube channel, explicating the intricacies of THE FILET’s creation process. Check out the videos below.

“With the milestone of industrial-scale 3D food printing, we are entering a creative food revolution, an era where food is being crafted according to the customer needs,” says Revo Foods’ CEO, Robin Simsa. “We are not just creating a vegan alternative; we are shaping the future of food itself.” Revo also boasts products including smoked salmon and gravlax salmon, as well as salmon spread and tuna spread.

THE FILET is now available for € 6,99 EUR in select BILLA supermarkets and will go live on Revo Foods’ webstore Beginning October 1, 2020. For recipe instructions and more ingredient information, visit Revo’s website.

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